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I lecture mainly in research, with a focus on psychology and mental health, contributing to Doctoral, Master’s, post-registration and pre-registration programmes. My academic profile and academic leadership in postgraduate supervision continues to promote the University’s aims to support and further enhance postgraduate research in order to improve student experience and completion rates. I am involved with PhD progression points and examining, acting as independent chair of PhD examinations.

I am an external examiner at Nottingham University and Staffordshire University for Postgraduate and undergraduate work respectively. I share knowledge and experiences from colleagues across the UK and subsequently exchanging good practices to enhance and develop programmes.


My research role has been in applied health research often involving working as part of a wider team, with academics and clinicians specialising in fields such as mental health, primary care and public health.

A series of research grants have enabled me to develop my research agenda in a number of inter-related areas: psychological wellbeing in students; coping strategies in students with depression and / or anxiety. These grants have been vital in supporting research and attending a number of national and international conferences for dissemination. I hope to secure more grants to develop the work being completed and extend the research both nationally and internationally.

Published Work

Selected full papers in refereed journals

Mitchell, A. E. P. (2019). Beating the blues with pleasurable activity scheduling. Psychology Review. 2018, 00: 1-3. ISSN: 1750-3469.

Mitchell, A. E. P. (2018). Psychological distress in student nurses undertaking an educational programme with professional registration: their perceived barriers and facilitators in seeking psychological support. Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing. 25(4) 258-269 ISSN: 1351-0126. DOI

Mitchell, A. E. P. (2017). The effectiveness of a short cognitive behavioural training course on awareness, knowledge, and transferability of competencies in clinical practice. Perspectives in Psychiatric Care. 53(2) 87-94. ISSN: 0031-5990. DOI          

Mitchell, A. E. P. (2016). Phenomenological characteristics of autobiographical memories: responsiveness to an induced negative mood state in those with and without a previous history of depression. Advances in Cognitive Psychology. 12(2) 105-114. ISSN: 1895-1171. DOI

Mitchell, A. E. P. (2015). Autobiographical memory response to a negative mood in those with/without a history of depression. International Journal for Research and Theory in Psychological Sciences: Studia Psychologica. 57(3) 229-241. ISSN: 0039-3320. DOI

Selected conference proceedings and presentations

Mitchell, A. E. P. (2018, June). Coping styles and levels of stress in student nurses undertaking a three year training programme with registration. Sigma Theta Tau International 4th European Conference: Leading Nursing in Times of Change: Education, Research and Practice. Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK

Mitchell, A. E. P. (2016, November). Psychological distress in student nurses undertaking an educational programme with professional registration. 17th Healthcare Interdisciplinary Research Conference: Contemplating the Past, Present and Future. Venue: Trinity College Dublin.

Harlow, E., Mitchell, A. E. P., Doherty, P Moran, P. (2015, March). Evaluation of the Centre for Adoption Support. Paper presented at the Centre for Adoption Support (CfAS) Conference, Peace Centre. Warrington, United Kingdom.

Mitchell, A. E. P. (2014, September). An investigation of depressed mood in nursing students during a three year training programme. Abstract and paper accepted for oral presentation. 25th International Networking for Healthcare and Education Conference, Churchill College, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom.


I obtained a PhD (Psychology) awarded from the University of Liverpool. I am registered with the British Psychological Society (BPS) as a Chartered Psychologist (CPsychol). I hold a postgraduate degree in Cognitive and Behavioural Psychotherapies recognised by the British Association Cognitive & Behavioural Psychotherapies (BABCP). I am a Registered Nurse in Mental Health (RNMH) and take an active role in continued professional development. I am a Fellow of Higher Education Academy (FHEA) and hold a Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education (PGCHE). I have experience of external examining in several other Higher Education Institutions.

Academic qualifications: PhD, MSc, PGCEHE, MSc, BA(Hons)

Professional qualifications: RNMH, FHEA, CPsychol

Membership of academic or professional bodies: NMC, BPS, HEA