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I have co-designed and delivered the inductions and transitions for level 4, 5 and 6 at Warrington and I am currently the module lead for:

  • NM4202 - Learning to be a Professional (Adult)
  • NM6410 - Practice Learning 3 (Adult)

I am also the External Examiner for Manchester Metropolitan University Pre-Registration Adult Nurse Education programme.


My main area of interest is in pedagogy. I have been active in projects researching;

  • Students preparedness before commencing HE
  • The impact of feedforward on students transitioning into HE on student retention and academic success
  • How embedding study skills in pre-registration nursing promotes student success

Published Work

Cooledge, B. & Murphy, P. (2017) Using two languages to inform and inspire: a case study using bilingual digital technology to educate healthcare students demonstrating the importance of language choice in enhancing communication and patient care in Wales Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education ISSN: 1759-667X Issue 11: April 2017

Butters, C. Kerfoot, S. Murphy, P. & Williams A. (2013) “I am just so delighted – now I know I can do it!- How collaboration between Nurse Lecturers and Academic Skills Tutors promotes students’ confidence” Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education November 2013 Issue no. 6 pp 1759-667.

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Murphy, P. (2013) in Clark, R. Andrews, J. Thomas, L. and Aggarwal, R. (2013) (eds) ‘The use of Feedforward to support success and retention of students in higher education’ Compendium of effective practice in higher education: Volume 2, York: Higher Education Academy

Murphy P. (2012) Feedforward- Feedback on first assignment to improve attrition Case study published by Council of Deans


Lloyd, M. and Murphy, P. (2008) Essential Study Skills for Health and Social Care Exeter: Reflect Press. (co-editor).

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Conference Presentations

Murphy, P. Lonsdale, A and Seddon, V., Working together for a warmer welcome with the added bonus of a Wellbeing Wednesday! RAISE conference September 2018 Sheffield Hallam University.

Murphy, P., Wright, J. Elner, F., and Williams A. I organised and presented with colleagues from Bangor University a symposium ‘Engaging with Students On All Levels to promote Employability and Success’ Royal College of Nursing Nurse Educators’ Forum International Conference and Exhibition Partners in Practice: Telford 2016.

Lam, W. Pilsen K. & Murphy P. Experienced Based Co-Design CELT Conference Bangor University 2015.

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Murphy, P. (2015) Adopting Feedforward as an inclusive assessment tool, Royal College of Nursing Education Forum national conference and exhibition: Partners in practice - 10–11 March 2015 - Nottingham

Murphy, P. (2013) Teaching Fellows Conference, Bangor University Feedforward to promote early student engagement Presenter November 27th 2013

Murphy, P. (2013) Purposeful Partnerships for Practice Australasian Nurse Educators Conference Feedforward: an innovation for early engagement with students in HE, October 2013 Wellington New Zealand (elected best poster presentation by delegates).

Murphy, P. (2013) Sharing Practice Conference II: UCLAN Feedforward: a project to encourage students to engage with feedback from day one Presenter July 2nd 2013.

Murphy, P. (2012) Glyndŵr Teaching Symposium (2012) Improving assessment with Feedforward to encourage early engagement. Presenter July 2012

Access to HE Annual Conference 2012 QAA: Aston University Virtuous Circles collaborative working between Further Education and Higher Education Presenter June 2012.

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Murphy, P. (2010) HE Academy Promoting Equity in Higher Education ‘Do student’s pre-entry qualifications help to predict academic success in Higher Education? Poster presentation March 2010.

Murphy, P. (2010) Glyndŵr University Modern Mentors and Practice Teachers Conference Organiser of conference planning team 2009.

Murphy, P. (2005) Glyndŵr University 1st Modern Mentors and Practice Teachers Conference ‘Supporting Students in Groups’ presenter 2005.


  • Post Graduate Certificate in e-learning (2011)
  • MSc Professional Education (2008)
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Professional Development (2006)
  • Return to Practice, Nursing and Midwifery Council (2003)
  • BA (Hons) Health (2000)
  • A Systematic Approach to Nursing Care, Welsh National Board (1988)
  • Registered General Nurse, English National Board (1984)

I am a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.