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About Prof Howard Williams

I teach and research death, burial and commemoration, the Early Middle Ages and public archaeology.  Read my Archaeodeath blog here. Visit my TikTok here:


I am programme leader for the MRes Archaeology and I contribute to the MA Archaeology of Death and Memory.

I am module leader for the following undergraduate modules:

  • The Contemporary Past
  • Empire and Aftermath: Archaeology of the First Millennium AD
  • Vikings
  • Death and Burial
  • Empire and Aftermath

I also contribute to the teaching of the following undergraduate modules:

  • Introduction to the Archaeology of the British Isles, 10,000 BC - 1900 AD
  • Debates in World Archaeology
  • Archaeology and Contemporary Society

I am module leader for the following postgraduate modules:

  • Research Skills in Archaeology and Heritage
  • Mortuary Archaeology
  • Landscapes and Memory
  • Research Dissertation


My research interests are mortuary archaeology, archaeologies of memory, public archaeology and the history of archaeology. I focus these interests on the study of the British Isles and Scandinavia in the Early Middle Ages (c. AD 4001100).

I co-direct Project Eliseg [] 

I founded and co-convene the Offa’s Dyke Collaboratory: a research network for Offa’s Dyke, Wat’s Dyke and early medieval western Britain []

Areas of MRes and MPhil/PhD Supervision

  • Mortuary Archaeology: Theory, Practice and Ethics
  • Early Anglo-Saxon Burial Archaeology
  • Death, Burial & Commemoration in Early Medieval Wales
  • Early Medieval Linear Earthworks
  • Viking Burial Archaeology
  • Crematoria, Cemeteries and Churchyard Commemoration from the 19th century to Today
  • The Early Middle Ages in Heritage, Politics and Popular Culture
  • The Public Archaeology of Death

Published Work


Humanities Commons:  

Key Books and Journals

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BSc (Sheffield), MA (Reading), PhD (Reading), FSA.