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About Dr James Pardoe

I have worked at the University of Chester since 1991. During this time I have also been a visiting lecturer at the University of Edinburgh, the University of Warwick, the Ironbridge Institute (University of Birmingham), Eotvos Lorand University of Budapest and Aarhus University, Denmark. I have also been a visiting professor at the University of Bydgoszcz, Poland.

I have experience in museums and the heritage sector, including curating a variety of exhibitions, dating back to 1986 including working for the National Trust, English Heritage, Shropshire Regimental Museums, Chester City Museums, Nottingham Museums (Newstead Abbey) and the Abbotsford Museum Trust. I have published and presented papers as far afield as Jordan, India, South Africa and the USA, as well as across Europe. Additionally I have acted as a national panel judge for the Association for Heritage Interpretation’s prestigious ‘Discover Heritage’ awards. I have also contributed to radio and television appearing on regional programmes as well as BBC Radio 4.

In addition I have worked in market research, spent a year teaching English in Italy, and had a short-term contract at the University of Bournemouth assisting in creating degrees in Heritage Conservation.

My first degree is in International History from the London School of Economics (1982), and after spending some time working in museums I read for an MSc in Cultural Resource Management at the University of Edinburgh (1989). My PhD is from the University of Manchester, Centre for Museology on, 'Homes and Haunts: Memorialising Romantic Writers' (2011).


I contribute to the following undergraduate modules:

  • Living with the Past: An Introduction to Archaeological Heritage
  • Red Menace?: The Rise and Fall of Communism in Europe
  • Experiential Learning: Archaeology
  • Experiential Learning: History
  • Debates in History
  • Recreating the Past: Archaeological Heritage Interpretation
  • Collecting the Past: Museums and Material Culture
  • Preserving the Past: Managing Historical Buildings and Ancient Monuments
  • Professional Practice Specialism: Heritage and Cultures
  • The Past in the Present: An Introduction to Heritage
  • Preserving the Past: Managing and Presenting Buildings, Monuments and Collections

 I contribute to the following postgraduate modules:

  • Presenting Warfare: Military Museums in the UK
  • Archaeological Heritage in Practice
  • Investigating the Past
  • Research Skills in Archaeology
  • Research Project
  • Research Dissertation


My research interests focus on heritage management, literary tourism, museology, landscape history, country houses and access for disabled people to the historic environment. 

I have worked as a consultant in these areas for a number of organizations both in the UK and abroad, including work on exhibitions and EU-funded projects. I have also acted on the committee for the Association of Heritage Interpretation.

I have a PhD from the University of Manchester, Centre for Museology - Title: Homes and Haunts: Memorialising Romantic Writers.

My thesis considers issues surrounding the collections, sites and houses associated with four Romantic poets (Byron, Keats, Shelley, and Scott). The focus of my research, which examines the histories and meaning of British literary shrines, considers a number of questions: How do literary houses acquire meaning from the links with the biographies of the poets and the settings of their works? How do these houses utilize material culture to form tangible links to the poets and attract visitors? Who are these visitors and what attracts them to these houses? My research sets out to address the above questions by making comparisons between those houses associated with the poets which are considered to have the most significant relationship with their lives and works.

I currently co-supervise MPhil/PhD students on the fictionalisation of historic landscapes. Recently supervised successful MPhil theses include an analysis of the two great church powers of Chester between 1070 and 1350.

I would particularly welcome approaches from potential MA and doctoral students interested in research on museums and wider heritage themes.

Published Work

‘Representing Military Histories and Warfare within the Shropshire Regimental Museum’ in Fortress Salopia (eds Tim Jenkins & Rachael Abbiss) – Publisher Helion & Co Press, pp.132-149 (ISBN: 9781911512691) 2017 (book chapter)

‘The Darker Side of Travel: The Theory and Practice of Dark Tourism (eds) Richard Sharpley & Philip R. Stone’ Journal of Heritage Tourism (review article) 2010

‘Stalin’s Genocides by Norman M. Naimark’ Holocaust Studies: A Journal of Culture and History (review article) 2013

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Pardoe, J. & Stone, C. (2014) Authenticity, Commodification and Sustainable Development:Construction of Destination Image for Chester, UK. Paper given at Heritage 2014 – 4th International Conference on Heritage and Sustainable Development, 22-25 July 2014, Guimarães, Portugal (conference organised by the Portuguese Green Lines Institute for Sustainable Development NGO.  Book of proceedings: Amoêda, R., Lira, S., & Pinheiro, C. (2014) Heritage 2014 – Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Heritage and Sustainable Development.  Barcelos, Portugal; Green Lines Institute (eBook ISBN: 978-989-98013-7-0) 

Aura and Authenticity and the Presentation of UK Literary Figures through the Medium of the Home’ Scrutiny2: Issues in English Studies in Southern Africa, Volume 20 Issue 2 2015, pp.65-79. (Print ISSN 1812-5441, Online 1753-5409)


BSc (Econ)(Hons) (London), MSc (Edinburgh), PhD (Manchester).