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About Dr John Piprani

I completed my PhD at the University of Manchester in 2016. The PhD focus was a British Early Upper Palaeolithic Transitional stone tool industry, termed the Lincombian. Previous research has tended to focus upon which human type (Homo sapiens or Homo neanderthalensis) produced these 40,000 year old artefacts. My focus has been upon human behaviour, and what this material can tell us about it. I used technological, typological and metrical analysis of an experimentally generated reduction sequence to interpret the behaviours associated with the extant and partial archaeological collections. This is a link to my thesis:

I have been a visiting lecturer at the University of Chester since 2016, and am also the archaeology technician at the University of Manchester. My main interest is in early prehistory and current areas of research are experimental archaeology, stone tool technology, and public engagement. This is a link to my blog outlining my adventures to date in experimental archaeology: