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We work with international policy makers, professional bodies, research bodies, and organisations of all sizes and sectors who aspire to put an end to toxic workplaces and practices which damage people, planet, and productivity.

To create long-lasting impact, our work draws on research into psychological and organisational thriving and resilience, ambidexterity, provocative education, social change, ethics, sustainability and responsibility, and transculturalism. Find out how you can join our exciting and dynamic research community below.

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

For strategic professionals with a MBA who want to make a difference to their organisation and sector. 

Doctor of Professional Studies

For strategic and people professionals with a MA/MSc who want to make a difference in their professional field (e.g. HR, L&D, OD, education).

MA pathways in thriving or resilience

Negotiate a work-based Master's programme in areas related to thriving at work or in eduction. Next intake - ongoing, monthly basis.

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