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Deadlines for exchanges taking place in 2020/21

Applications Open Early May
Destination Fair October 2019
Application Deadline 15th December 2019
Group Pre-Interview Screening and Networking Session 15th January 2020
One-to-one Screening and Advice Session 15th-29th January 2019
Final Application Q&A Session

29th January 2020

Final Document submission to UoC Coordinator

5th February 2020

If you miss any of the above deadlines, you may become ineligible

Application Process

  1.  Contact the Study Abroad Office at  to express an interest.
  2.  Read all the information sent to you in the Study Abroad Information Pack.
  3.  Or simply Download the Study Abroad Application Form and Exchange Year Handbook 
  4. Submit the application form with all supporting documents. 
  5.  Attend all screening sessions
  6.  Success.
  7.  Join the module: XXX016: Study Abroad Placement Preparation