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About Alice Gillett

Alice graduated from the University of Lincoln in 2012 with a BSc (Hons) in Forensic Science and went on to study for her MSc in Biological Sciences by Research. In 2014, she was a research assistant at the University of Lincoln.

Before starting in her role as lecturer, Alice joined the University of Chester as a Mechanical Engineering PhD researcher in November 2014, studying the influence of Laser surface engineering of polymeric materials for application in the food industry. Her main areas of research are biofilm formation and laser material processing.


2018 onwards: Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering, University of Chester.

Alice is module leader for the master’s laser surface engineering module, as well as teaching on varies other subjects within the Mechanical Engineering programme.

2014 – 2018: Visiting Lecture, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Chester


Alice is currently reading for a PhD in Laser surface engineering of polymeric material for microbiological applications. Her main interests are in altering the surfaces of polymeric materials in order to study the relationship between laser-modified surface parameters and wettability characteristics on the formation of conditioning films as a precursor to the biofouling of polymeric biomaterials.

Published Work

Book Chapters

Waugh, D. G., Toccaceli, C., Gillett, A. R., Ng, C. H., Hodgson, S. D., & Lawrence, J. (2017). Surface Treatments to Modulate Bioadhesion. Progress in Adhesion and Adhesives, 67-99.

Gillett A., Waugh D. G., Lawrence J. (2016). Laser surface modification of polymeric materials for microbiological applications. In R. Vilar, & L. Overend (Eds.), Laser surface modification of biomaterials: Techniques and applications (pp.197-220). Oxford, United Kingdom: Elsevier

Journal Articles

Gillett, A., Waugh, D., Lawrence, J., Swainson, M., & Dixon, R.A., (2016). Laser surface modification for the prevention of biofouling by infection causing Escherichia Coli. Journal of Laser Applications28(2), 022503.

Waugh, D. G., Toccaceli, C., Gillett, A. R., Ng, C. H., Hodgson, S. D., & Lawrence, J. (2016). Surface treatments to modulate bioadhesion: A critical review. Reviews of Adhesion and Adhesives4(1), 69-103.

Hodgson, S. D., Waugh, D. G., Gillett, A.R., & Lawrence, J. (2016). High speed CO2 laser surface modification of iron/cobalt co-doped boroaluminosilicate glass and the impact on surface roughness, gloss and wettability. Laser Physics Letters13(7), 076102.