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Mark teaches on modules across the undergraduate Spanish courses, and on the MA in European Languages and Cultures. His teaching interests include translation, contemporary society and politics and visual and textual culture. He exploits internet resources, film and art in teaching and learning as well as encouraging student learning through personal objectives and reflection, especially whilst on placements in Spain and Hispano-America.


In 2015 Mark became the chair of the Association for Contemporary Iberian Studies.  Mark is also Co-Editor of the English edition of ComunicarMedia Education Research Journal.

Mark's doctoral thesis ‘Ideology in the Works of Carlos Frontaura 1836-1910' focused on the meeting of liberalism and Catholicism in the prose fiction of a Spanish novelist, short story writer and politician whose works were consumed by the middle classes during the Revolution of 1868, the First Republic and the Restoration. His research interests also include the social, cultural, historical and ideological dimensions of Protestantism in nineteenth and twentieth century Spain.

Published Work


Gant, M. (Ed.). (2020)  Transcultural Spaces and Identities in Iberian Studies. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars.

Gant, M. (Ed.). (2019)  Revisiting Centres and Peripheries in Iberian Studies: Culture, History and Socio-economic Change. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars.

Gant, M., Ruzzante, P. & Hatton, A. (Eds.). (2019) New Journeys in Iberian Studies: A (Trans-)National and (Trans-)Regional Exploration. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars.

Fonseca-Mora, C. & Gant, M. (Eds.). (2016). Melodies, Rhythm and Cognition in Foreign Language Learning. Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars.

Gant, M. (2012). The Spanish Writer and Publisher Carlos Frontaura (1834-1910): A Study of His Social Influence and Ideology. Lewiston, New York, Edwin Mellen Press Ltd.

Book Chapters

Fonseca-Mora, C., Gant, M. & Herrero Machancoses, F. (2017) Interdependent Autonomy: Face-to-Face and Digital Media in Modern Languages Learning.  In Learner and Teacher Autonomy in Higher Education: Perspectives from Modern Language Teaching (Foreign Language Teaching in Europe). Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang.

Foncubierta, J.M. & Gant, M. (2016) Awakening Senses for Language Learning. In Fonseca-Mora, C. & Gant, M. (eds). Melodies, Rhythm and Cognition in Foreign Language Learning. Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars.

Recent Conference Papers:

Preferences of UK Undergraduates for Language Learning: The Relationship Between Face-To-Face, Digital Media and Staff Guidance: Mark Gant (University of Chester, UK) and Carmen Fonseca Mora (University of Huelva, Spain).  ACIS Annual Conference, University of Westminster September 2nd to 4th 2014

“I would have come even if the boat had been made of paper” – from Senegal to Palma: migration and storytelling. Association for Comtemporary Iberian Studies conference 2011

Bridging the Gap: A Level to Higher Eduacation. CILT CrossPhase Conference 2010

Gay and Protestant in Spain? A Clash of Minorities. Association for Contemporary Iberian Studies Conference 2008