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About Dr Gavin Hazell

Gavin is a lecturer in the Department of Natural Sciences, specialising in materials chemistry and nanotechnology. He uses modern techniques in the field to develop functional materials that are capable of solving real-life problems. These include systems to recover toxic compounds from waste water to provide green and low-cost solutions to water treatment. As well as the fabrication of antibiofouling and antibacterial surfaces with potential applications in healthcare.


Gavin teaches aspects of materials chemistry with a strong focus on surface science and nanotechnology. He also assists in the teaching of experimental chemistry through the provision of undergraduate laboratories.


Gavin is interested in the self-assembly of materials with length scales over several orders of magnitude. The fabrication and generation of materials with different molecular interactions can lead to hierarchically assembled systems with structures that are able to perform certain ‘jobs’. By manipulating these molecular interactions, it is possible to build surfaces that are able to kill bacteria upon contact and generate polyelectrolyte complexes that may be used to purify water.

Published Work

Selected Publications

For a full list of publications, please visit Gavin's profile on ResearchGate or Scopus.


Gavin received his PhD from the University of Bath, where he studied the interaction of proteins with surfaces in an attempt to find novel routes to protein alignment and crystallisation. He then moved to the University of Bristol, where he held post-doctoral positions, studying magnetic polyelectrolytes and bacterial responses to surface nanotopography and functionalisation.