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About Dr Jeremy Phillips

Jeremy comes from a background in management and has a lot of experience of research and consultancy within organizations.


I am the programme leader for the BSc Psychology. I teach widely on this course and am module leader for Forensic Psychology: Detection, Detention, Treatment and Trial in Level 5, and Applications in Forensic Psychology: Specialist Approaches in Level 6. I also supervise undergraduate and postgraduate dissertations.


My research interests are broad and currently encompass areas of forensic and organisational psychology including emotion recognition in police officers, geographical profiling and the impact of training interventions on driving offenders.


MSc (Hons) First Class. 1993. Managerial and Administrative Studies, Aston University.

MA (Conv) Psychology. 1996. University of Liverpool.

PhD Psychology. Awarded 2001. Modelling Shared Conceptualisations of Organisations: An approach to Organisational Culture. University of Liverpool.