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About Dr Kevin Hochard

Kevin has been involved in a wide range of research studies focusing on health and clinical psychology topics using a variety of methodologies. For instance, he has performed research on sleep disorders and its links to self-harm using prospective diaries, psychophysiological measurements, behavioural testing and psychometrics. He has also performed research on individual differences and personality factors linked to impulsivity, decision making, and pro-social behaviours in both adults and children.


Kevin is module leader for the second year research methods module ‘Becoming a Psychological Researcher’ (PS5015) and the MSc 'Advanced Research Methods' module (PS7602). He also lecturers on Research Methods and Skills (PS4005), Psychological Therapies (PS5013), and ‘Psychopathology’ (PS6007). Kevin also supervises both undergraduate, MSc and MRes dissertations. He is presently supervising 2 doctoral students (Ms Rosina Pendrous and Mr William Kent).


Kevin’s research examines the effects of poor sleep and sleep disorders on suicidality. He is interested in the processes through which sleep can regulate mood and the impact of this regulation or lack thereof on waking life. His work at present fits within the Contextual Behavioural Science tradition and focuses on the development and testing of brief intervention techniques.

Published Work

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Kevin is a Chartered Psychologist and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society (BPS). He obtained his BSc (hons) in Psychology and subsequently an MSc in Health Psychology from the University of Stirling. Kevin completed his PhD on ‘The Psychological Mechanism Linking Nightmares to Increased Self-Harm Risk’ at the University of Nottingham. Kevin is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.