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The Centre for Research into Education, Creativity and Arts through Practice (RECAP) is a unique hub, specialising in practice-based research and focusing on creativity, learning and the arts in professional, educational contexts.

Located in the University’s Faculty of Education and Children’s Services, RECAP thrives on its many collaborations and connections which begin internally, within the Faculty of Arts and Media and reach into the local area through Chester’s Storyhouse Theatre and Liverpool’s Tate Gallery.

These regional relationships provide the foundation on which the RECAP team has cultivated numerous international partnerships - including those in Japan, Finland, Korea and Palestine - providing an extensive network on top of its strong local links. The centre aims to serve as hub that generates, co-ordinates and supports a wide range of research methods, with no preconditions or limits on the styles and forms that they might take.

RECAP uses non-conventional methods, using art as a means to collect data as artistic expression can allow people to share thoughts or information they otherwise may not have the ability or tools to express.

Practice-based research, by definition, encourages research through the medium of the practice itself. This can manifest itself in a variety of ways, ranging from artistic endeavours (such as theatre, film, performance art, painting/drawing, creative writing, dance or music) to the more pedagogical side of art (in the form of professional educational practices such as teaching, coaching and management).

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