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About Dr Joe Rigby

I obtained my first degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics from Oxford University in 2005 before moving to Lancaster in 2006 to study an MA in Sociological Research, part of a (1+3) Economic and Social Research Council funded studentship. I am interested in the relationship between social theory and philosophy, with a particular emphasis on contemporary continental philosophy, political thought inspired by a reassessment of Marxism, and post-Cartesian theories of political subjectivity.


I am the module leader for the first year module ‘Welfare Politics,’ and the third year module ‘Globalisation in Question.’ I also teach on the modules ‘International Political Sociology,’ ‘Conference Module’ and ‘Understanding Criminology.’


My PhD thesis was titled 'The excess of migration.' Drawing on case studies taken from the British and European contexts I developed a critique of the so-called ‘problem of immigration.’ Adopting an interpretative and diagnostic approach I sought to displace common sense and State-orientated constructions of the excess of migration, developing an alternative problematic structured around the themes of racism and emancipationsovereigntyethicsfreedomand equality. My supervisors were Bülent Diken and John Urry.

Published Work

In early 2013 the journal Citizenship Studies will publish an article I co-authored (with Raphael Schlembach), titled 'Impossible protest: noborders in Calais.' The article concerns 'noborder' activism and the struggles of undocumented migrants in the French port of Calais and is informed by my involvement with the UK noborders network. It has been accepted for publication in a special edition of Citizenship Studies on 'Immigrant Protest.' I was interviewed by Shift Magazineon the situation in Calais in 2009. You can read my short commentary here:


2005 - BA (Hons)  Politics, Philosophy and Economics, University of Oxford

2007 - MA Sociological Research, Lancaster University

2014 - PhD, Lancaster University