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Level 4: Policing, Crime and Society

Level 6: Crime Prevention and Community Safety

Level 6: Crime and the Life Course

Work Based Learning


My research at the Public Health Institute focused on substance use and health risk behaviours within vulnerable populations. This included young people’s perceptions of risks associated with e-cigarette use and smoking, young people’s alcohol use and the experiences of the homeless population in relation to alcohol dependency and significant life events.

My PhD explored how classed and gendered identities are manifested and reflected through our engagement with urban space, and how these are affected when urban space changes.

I am also interested in the development of creative qualitative research methods, such as draw and write and photograph elicitation.

Published Work

Ross-Houle K and Quigg Z (2019) ‘Content, perceptions and impact of alcoholic drink promotions in nightlife venues that are targeted towards students’ Addictive Behaviours Reports, 9, DOI:10.1016/j.abrep.2019.100163.

Bowring J, Leavey C, Ross-Houle K, Carline A and Gunby C (2018) ‘The UK Adult Film Performer Project – a case for being pro-performer voice’ Porn Studies, 5, (4), pp457-460.

Atkinson AM, Ross-Houle KM, Begley E and Sumnall H (2016) ‘An exploration of alcohol advertising on social networking sites: an analysis of content, interactions and young people’s perspectives' Addiction, Research and Theory, DOI:10.1080/16066359.2016.1202241.

Book Chapters

Ross-Houle K, Atkinson A and Sumnall H ‘The symbolic value of alcohol: The importance of alcohol consumption, drinking practices and drinking spaces in classed and gendered identity construction’ in Thurnell-Read T (2016) Drinking Dilemmas: Space, Culture and Identity. London: Routledge. 

Reports (selected)

Ross-Houle K, Quigg Z, Bigland C and Collins P (2018) ‘Student Alcohol Research and Prevention Activity (SARPA): Pre-Intervention Report. Public Health Institute.


Porcellato L, Ross-Houle K, Quigg Z, Gee I, Harris J, Bigland C et al (2018) ‘Is it all smoke without fire? Welsh Primary School Children’s Perceptions of Electronic Cigarettes’. Public Health Wales.


Ross-Houle, K,  Bradbury A, Venturas C and Porcellato L (2017) ‘An exploration of the role of alcohol in relation to living situation and significant life events for the homeless population in Merseyside’. Alcohol Research UK.


Ross-Houle K, McCoy E, Collins B, Oyston J, Harris J, Timpson H Whitfield M (2016) Academic Evaluation of North Yorkshire Horizons Treatment and Recovery Service. Centre for Public Health.

McCoy E, Ross-Houle K, Eckley L, Oyston J, Cochrane M and Timpson H (2015) Children at risk of becoming NEET: An evaluation of Shelter’s Knowsley Family Support Service. Centre for Public Health.

Atkinson A, Ross K, Begley E and Sumnall H, (2015) The Role of Social Networking Sites in Young People’s Drinking Cultures, Alcohol Research UK.


Conference Presentations (selected)

September (2018) ‘Is it all smoke without fire? Welsh Primary School Children’s Perceptions of Electronic Cigarettes’ presented to the UK Electronic Cigarette Research Forum, with Lorna Porcellato, London, UK.

March (2018) ‘Is it all smoke without fire? Welsh Primary School Children’s Perceptions of Electronic Cigarettes’ presented to Public Health Wales Research and Development Conference, with Lorna Porcellato, Cardiff, UK.

April (2017) ‘An exploration of alcohol use across the life course within the homeless population’ presented to Alcohol Research UK Early Career Symposium 2017, London, UK.

January (2017) ‘Exploring the link between significant life events, alcohol consumption and homelessness’ presented to Critical Medical Anthropology Workshop, Oaxaca, Mexico.  

September (2016) ‘Reducing the risk of NEET through family and housing support’ (poster & oral presentation) presented to Public Health England Annual Conference 2016, Warwick, UK.

November 2014 ‘Women’s lived experience of representations and identity in urban space: A case study of Liverpool, UK to European Sociological Association Urban Sociology Research Network Mid-Term Conference – Public spaces and private lives in the contemporary city, Lisbon, Portugal.


PhD ‘Women’s Lived Experiences and Perceptions of Representation and Identity in Urban Space, A Case Study of Liverpool, UK’ University of Liverpool (2016)

MA Cities, Culture and Regeneration, University of Liverpool (2009)

BA (hons) Sociology, University of Liverpool (2008)