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Level 7 - MSc Psychological Trauma and MSc Therapeutic Practice in Psychological Trauma


Clinical psychology and sexology

Sexual violence (victims and offenders) and trauma

Psychosocial aspects of sexual health and stigma


Treatment and training evaluation

Professional practice and CPD

Integrative approach/psychological treatment

Published Work

Published Work - Selected/recent publications:



De Vasconcelos, S., Toskin, I., Cooper, B., Chollier, M., Stephenson, R., Blondeel, K., ... & Kiarie, J. (2018). Behaviour change techniques in brief interventions to prevent HIV, STI and unintended pregnancies: A systematic review. PloS one, 13(9), e0204088.

Enel, P., Bonierbale, M., Alexandre, A., Guillet, S., Cambau, S., Brunel, F., Chollier, M., Baumstarck, K., & Auquier, P. (2018). Sexual risk factors related to lack of HIV-screening in people attending erotic industry shows. AIDS care, 1-6.

Chollier M, Tomkinson CT. (2018). A Review of Empirical Studies on the Views on the Criminalisation of STIs/HIV Transmission in the UK. J AIDS Clin Res Sex Transm Dis 5: 017.



Book chapters

Chollier, M. Maquigneau A., Miele, C. (2019). L’apport de la sexologie dans la prise en charge des auteurs de violence sexuelle. In Coutanceau, R. et al. (Eds). Sexualite et Transgressions, Dunod, pp 137-149.

Campbell, D. M., & Chollier, M. (2018). Trans-National Advocacy and the Hashtag Black Lives Matter: Globalisation and Reception in the UK and France. In Exploring the Role of Social Media in Transnational Advocacy (pp. 101-135). IGI Global.

Chollier, M., Tassinari, M. (2017). Mutliculturalism, morality and secondary secularisation. In Pascal, A-M. (Ed) Multiculturalism and the Convergence of Faith and Practical Wisdom in Modern Society. Hershey, PA: IGI Global, pp297-314.


BSc Psychology - University of Provence, France)

MSc Clinical Psychology - University of Provence, France)​

PhD Interdisciplinary Studies - Manchester Metropolitan University, UK