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About Dr Paul Taylor


Paul's teaching portfolio includes the following undergraduate modules:

  • Level 4: Offender Management
  • Level 5: 'Dangerousness', Mental Health and Crime
  • Level 6: Punishments and Penology

He also undertakes dissertation/thesis supervision for undergraduate and postgraduate research students (PhD).



My research is interdisciplinary, drawing together areas of criminology with the more general concerns of culture within public service/armed forces occupations. Further, I write and research on a range of substantive issues relating to biography including: mentally vulnerable individuals and the criminal justice process; ageing, welfare and punishment; criminal justice practitioner well-being.

Paul's current research and knowledge transfer activities are listed below:

  •  Authorised Police Firearms Officers (AFOs) and Wellbeing (with J. Keeling, B. Green, B Roberts and K. Nixon).

Journal Editorial Board Membership

Associate Editor: Illness, Crisis and Loss (Sage) Link

Journal Editorial Board Memberships

  • International Journal of Humanities and Cultural Studies; Advances in Applied Sociology; International Journal of Criminology and Sociological Theory; European Journal of Social Behaviour; Environmental and Social Psychology


Published Work



  • Paul Taylor, Sharon Morley, Jason Powell, Ben Green: Mental Health and Punishments: Critical Perspectives in Theory and Practice. Forthcoming 2019; Routledge.
  • Paul Taylor, Katherine Albertson, Emma Murray: Military Past, Civilian Present: International Perspectives on Veterans' Transition from the Armed Forces. Forthcoming 2019; Springer.


  • Paul Taylor, Andrew Reeves: Combatting self-harm and suicide in the US military and after: Obstinate cultures, military labour and no-harm contracts. Military Past, Civilian Present: International Perspectives on Veterans' Transitions from the Armed Forces, Edited by Paul Taylor, Katherine Albertson, Emma Murray, 2019; Springer.



  • Paul Taylor: Mental Health, Crime and Criminal Justice: Theory, Policy and Practice in the United Kingdom. Forthcoming 2018; Springer.


  • Paul Taylor, Jason Powell: Ageing and Veteran Offenders: New Challenges for Critical Social Work. The Routledge Handbook of Critical Social Work, Edited by Simon Webb; 2018, Routledge.



  • Jo Turner, Paul Taylor, Sharon Morley, Karen Corteen: A Companion to the History of Crime and Criminal Justice. 2017; Policy Press. ISBN 978-1447325871
  • Sharon Morley, Jo Turner, Karen Corteen, Paul Taylor: A Companion to State Power, Liberties and Rights. 2017; Policy Press. ISBN 978-1447325826


  • Andrew Reeves, Paul Taylor: Self-Harm and Suicide. Mad or Bad? A Critical Approach to Counselling and Forensic Psychology, Edited by Andreas Vossler, Catriona Havard, Graham Pike, Meg John Barker, Bianca Raabe, 2017; Sage. ISBN: 9781473963528
  • Paul Taylor, Jason L Powell: The UK welfare state system: With special reference to the mental health care system. The Routledge Research Companion to Welfare State Systems, Edited by C. Aspalter, 2017: Routledge. ISBN: 9781472449306
  • Jason L Powell, Paul Taylor: Theorizing trauma: a new critical understanding. Handbook of Traumatic Loss, Edited by N. Thompson, G. Cox, R. Stevenson, 2017; Routledge. ISBN: 9781138182332


  • Jason Powell, Paul Taylor: The "insiders world" Participation action research and mental health - the new foundation of social inquiry. Journal of Biomedical Research and Practice, 2017. 01(01). 100002.
  • Liddy Carver, Sharon Morley, Paul Taylor: Voices of deficit: Mental health, criminal victimisation and epistemic injustice. Illness, Crisis and Loss, 2017. 25(1).10.1177/1054137316675715



  • Karen Corteen, Sharon Morley, Paul Taylor, Jo Turner: A Companion to Crime, Harm and Victimisation. 06/2016; Policy Press., ISBN: 9781447325727


  • Paul Taylor: Anti-Psychiatry movement. The SAGE Encyclopedia of Pharmacology and Society, Edited by Sarah E Boslaugh, 2016; Sage., ISBN: 9781483350004
  • Paul Taylor: Deinstitutionalization. The SAGE Encyclopedia of Pharmacology and Society, Edited by Sarah E Boslaugh, 2016; Sage., ISBN: 9781483350004


  • Jason L Powell, Paul Taylor: Rethinking risk and ageing: Extending working lives. Social Policy and Society, 2016; 15. doi:10.1017/S1474746416000270



  • June Keeling, Katherine Van Wormer, Paul Taylor: Women's narratives on their interactions with the first response police officer following an incident of domestic violence in the UK. Sociology and Criminology Open Access 07/2015; 3(122):1-8. ISSN 2375-4435. DOI:10.4172/2375-4435.1000122
  • Jason L Powell, Paul Taylor: Gender, masculinity, contemporary history and the psychiatric secure estate: back to the future?. Journal of World Scientific News 09/2015; 22:145-156.
  • Jason L Powell, Paul Taylor: The global south: the case of populational ageing in Africa and Asia. Journal of World Scientific News 02/2015; 6:89-99. EISSN:2392-2192


  • Paul Taylor: Book review: violent offenders: understanding and assessment. Counselling and Psychotherapy Research 12/2015;  DOI:10.1002/capr.12040



  • Paul Taylor, Karen Corteen, Sharon Morley: A Companion to Criminal Justice, Mental Health and Risk. 10/2014; Policy Press., ISBN: 9781447310341
  • Paul Taylor, Paul Wagg: Work and Society: Places, Spaces and Identities. 01/2014; University of Chester Press., ISBN: 9781908258151


  • Karen Corteen, Paul Taylor, Sharon Morley: The Coroner’s inquest and visceral reactions: considering the impact of self-inflicted deaths on the health and social care professional. Work and Society: Places, Spaces and Identities,  Edited by Paul Taylor, Paul Wagg, 2014: chapter 2: pages 37-72; University of Chester Press., ISBN: 9781908258151


  • Paul Taylor, Sian Williams: Sentencing reform and prisoner mental health. Prison Service Journal 01/2014; 211:43-49.



  • Paul Taylor: Governing the body: the legal, administrative and discursive control of the psychiatric patient. Corporeality: The Body and Society, Edited by Cassandra Ogden, Steve Wakeman, 2013: chapter 8: pages 133-152; University of Chester Press., ISBN: 9781905929979


  • Paul Taylor, Karen Corteen, Sharon Morley: Service user suicides and coroner's inquests. Criminal Justice Matters 05/2013; 92(1):32-33. DOI:10.1080/09627251.2013.805375



  • Paul Taylor: Severe personality disorder in the secure estate: continuity and change. Medicine, Science, and the Law 07/2012; 52(3):125-7. DOI:10.1258/msl.2011.011112
  • Paul Taylor, Karen Corteen, Cassandra Ogden, Sharon Morley:'Standing' by: disability hate crime and the police in England. Criminal Justice Matters 03/2012; 87(1):46-47. DOI:10.1080/09627251.2012.671023
  • Paul Taylor, Cassandra Ogden, Karen Corteen: Tobacco Smoking and Incarceration: Expanding the 'Last Poor Smoker' Thesis An Essay in Honour of David Ford. Internet Journal of Criminology 12/2012; 1-19. ISSN 2045-6743


Engagement and Impact

  • Special Issue Editor of 2017, 25(1) Illness, Crisis and Loss (Sage) titled 'Mental health, welfare, protection and crisis: Critical considerations - a UK case study.

Network Memberships

Writing by Invitation

Conference Presentations

  • May 2017, 'Intimate Partner Violence and Abuse: Testimonies of Suffering, Subservience and Surviving Among Male Ex-Armed Forces' (Taylor, P.), at Bringing Conflict Home, University of York, UK.
  • September 2014, 'Exploring Veteran's Experiences of Domestic Violence' (Keeling, J., Mottershead, R., Thomas, M., & Taylor, P.), at 14th Annual Conference of European Society of Criminology, Prague, Czech Republic. 
  • July 2014, ‘Disability hate crime and the police in England’ (Taylor, P., Corteen, K., Ogden, C., & Morley, S.), at 2nd Conference on Intellectual Disability and Criminal Justice, University of Chester.
  • February 2012, Key Note Presentation ‘From Me to We - The Journey from PhD to Publication’, (Corteen, K., & Taylor, P.), at The Annual Postgraduate Research Conference, University of Chester.
  • September 2011, ‘Out with the Old and In with the New- From the Asylum to the Hospital; The Impact of Architectural Change upon Mental Health Work’, (Taylor, P.), at British Sociological Association Medical Sociology Conference, University of
  • June 2011, ‘Narrative Inquiry- the Potential in Sociological Analyses of Mental Health Work’ (Taylor, P.), at The Narrative Practitioner Annual Conference, Glyndwr University.
  • March 2011, ‘Governing the Body- The Emotional Labouring of Mental Health Personnel’ (Taylor, P.), at Corporeality; The Body and Society, University of Chester.


  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA)
  • Fellow of Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (FRSA).


  • BSc(Hons) Criminology
  • PG Cert Learning and Teaching in Higher Education
  • MA Crime and Justice
  • MBA
  • PhD