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About Prof Peter Cox

My teaching specialises in the study of social movements and the politics of sustainability. I also cover introductory social and political theory. And contribute to the Working Group on Decolonisation.

My research covers a range of studies on the sociology of cycling and cycle activism, as well as continuing to work on the problems of sustainable mobility, active travel and its importance for social justice. I contribute to a number of international networks developing policy for cycling and sustainable mobility.

Prior to re-entering academia, I ran my own cycle business and was involved in a range of cycle campaigning and community organising projects, particularly linked with issues of social and environmental sustainability.


  • Self and Society (Level 4)
  • Introduction to Politics and International Relations
  • Social Change and Social Movements (Level 6)
  • Politics of Sustainability (Level 6)


My research interests reflect the Mobilities turn in the social sciences and in particular the issues of sustainable futures, with the sociology of cycling as a key element. A founder member of the Cycling and Society Research Group and chair of the international Scientists for Cycling network for the European Cyclists’ Federation, my research has contributed to a number of international forums and policy documents on sustainable transport.

During 2014-15, as a Leverhulme International Academic Fellow, I worked at the Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society in Munich developing cross-disciplinary research techniques in to bicycling and the environment, exploring in particular the use of video interpretative models for understanding mobility practices.

In 2023 I returned to The Rachel Carson Center as a Landhaus fellow, with a project entitled Care, Commons and Uncontrollability: cycling as transformative interaction, examining how active mobilities can contribute to fostering responsible citizenship for the anthropocene era.

Published Work

Books (monographs and edited collections)

Cox, P. (2023) Cycle Activism: Bike Politics and Social Movements. Abingdon: Routledge.

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Journal Articles and Book Chapters

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Selected Conference Keynotes and Public Lectures

Cox, P 2022. What if there were no cars? Public lecture, Storyhouse, Chester

Cox, P. 2021 Exploring academic cycling research Keynote presentation to Cycling Research Board 5th annual meeting #CRBAM21, 13-15 October 2021, Copenhagen. 14/10/2021

Cox P. Understanding the Politics of Infrastructure. Keynote for Cycling Active City virtual conference (co-sponsored by DfT) on LTNs & the politics of infrastructure. 25/08/2021

Bicicultura, 07-10 September 2017, Recife, Brazil (Momento de rebelião: formas de cicloativismo e possibilidades de ação e articulação com outras pautas)

Foro Munidal De la Bicicleta FMB6, Mexico City, April 2017 (‘Movimiento social emancipatoria y su conexion con las prácticas ciclistas’)

Cycling Forum at URA (Urban Redevelopment Authority), Singapore, February 2016  (Biking and Tourism)

Cox, P. (2014) Wider implications of Bike Design Diversity public lecture as part of Radfahren In der Stadt Lecture series organised by Institut fur Verkehrswissenschaften, TUWien, Vienna, Austria March 10

Cox P. (2013) Diversity and Power Inequalities: Notes of Caution in Promoting Change invited presentation for “Active Mobility” International Workshop at Tutzing Academie, Germany, November 27-29


  • BA Independent Study [Interdisciplinary research] (University of Lancaster)
  • PhD Philosophy (University of Liverpool)