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About Dr Rosa Fernandez

Before joining academia I worked in the private sector for more than six years, in a range of positions that reinforced my administrative and management skills, becoming a certified Quality and Environmental Auditor at the same time that I performed my role of Training Coordinator. I started my PhD on a part time basis but my passion for research was clear from the beginning. I joined UNED in 2006 while I was working on my PhD and I received a research award in 2008 that allowed me to spend a period in UK (University of Exeter) to complete part of my thesis, comparing the energy systems of Spain and UK. After several research periods in UK and Canada I decided to move on a permanent basis to UK, and I’m really happy to be part of the University of Chester and its innovative approach to Economics.

Professional associations

Member of the European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (EAERE)

Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Member of UACES (University Association for Contemporary European Studies)

Member of World Economy Society


Level 4

SO4005 Economic Thought and International Politics

SO4006 Sustainable Development

Level 5

SO5001 Intermediate Micro and Macroeconomics

SO5004 Globalisation and International Trade

Level 6

SO6001 Advanced Micro and Macroeconomics

SO6005 Environmental Economics (from 2021/22)


Though trained as economist, my research uses an interdisciplinary approach and both quantitative and qualitative techniques, with two main areas of interest:

  • Energy related issues: Energy economics and policies, renewable energy, energy security, energy markets.
  • Environment and climate change: Green economy, sustainable development, environment and climate change agreements.

As a side interest I work on Corporate Social Responsibility, as the business contribution to sustainability, with focus on small and medium enterprises. I am particularly interested on country comparisons and differences between European and non-European countries.

I am interested in supervising PhD students in all the above mentioned areas.

Published Work

Blog: How will resources for the environment change post-Brexit? (2017):

Blog: Importance of economics in the current Brexit environment (2016):

Book chapters

Fernandez, R. M. (2020 – forthcoming) ‘Chapter 7. Shifting Models of Energy Companies towards Green Economy in Europe’, in Fairbrass, J. & Vasilakos, N. Emerging Governance of a Green Economy: Cases of European Implementation, Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press

Fernandez, R. M. (2020 – forthcoming) ‘Trade Barriers’, in Leal Filho, W. (Editor in Chief) Encyclopedia of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Reduced Inequalities. Switzerland: Springer Nature

Fernandez, R. M. (2020) ‘Understanding Affordable Housing in the Context of Sustainable Development’, in Leal Filho, W. (Editor in Chief) Encyclopedia of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. No Poverty. Switzerland: Springer Nature, 2020 - forthcoming

Campos-Martin, J.; Crespo, L. & Fernandez, R. M. (2020)  ‘Energy Governance in Spain’, in Knodt, M. and Kemmerzell, J. (eds) Handbook of Energy Governance in Europe, Germany: Springer Nature

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Fernandez, R. M. (2019) ‘SDG3 Good Health and Well-Being: Integration and connection with other SDGs’, in Leal Filho, W. (Editor in Chief) Encyclopedia of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Good Health and Well-Being, Switzerland: Springer Nature

Fernandez, R. M. (2019) ‘From a utilitarian universal health coverage to an inclusive health coverage’, in Leal Filho, W. (Editor in Chief) Encyclopedia of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Good Health and Well-Being, Switzerland: Springer Nature

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Fernandez, R. (2014) Chapter 15: Effects of the new 2020 strategy on regional energy initiatives and energy markets integration in Regional Energy Initiatives: Medreg and the Energy Community, edited by Alessandro Rubino and Carlo Cambini. Routledge.

Fernandez, R. (2013) Chapter X: Corporate Social Responsibility and fiscal incentives in Europe in Corporate taxation and competitiveness in Europe, coordinated by Antonia Jabalera. Tirant Lo Blanch.

Calvo, A.; Garrido, I.; Rodriguez, M.A.; Fernandez, R.; Marban, R. and Fernandez-Ardavin, A. (2011) Chapter 6: The Financial System in Spain and Portugal: Institutions and Structure of the Market in Financial Market Integration and Growth. Structural Change and Economic Dynamics in the European Union, edited by Paul Welfens and Cillian Ryan. Springer (ISBN: 3642162738).

Journal Articles

Fernandez, R.M. (2018) Conflicting Energy Policy Priorities in EU Energy Governance,  J Environ Stud Sci, pp. 1-10. DOI:

Fernandez, R. M. (2018) Interactions of regional and national environmental policies: The case of Spain. Cogent Economics and Finance.   DOI: 10.1080/23322039.2018.1442092

Fernandez, R. (2013) Internationalization, crisis and sustainability: Opportunities to reinforce corporate social responsibility strategies, in International Journal of Human Rights and Constitutional Studies, Volume 1, Special Issue 3, 2013. Also Guest Editor. pp 267-277. (ISSN: 2050-1048).

Fernandez, R.  (2012) The European Union and international negotiations on climate change. A limited role to play in Journal of Contemporary European Research. 8(2) pp 192-209. (ISSN: 1815-347X).

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Fernandez, R. (2010) European Union as driver on the fight against climate change in Journal of World Economics. September 2010. Number 25, pp 205-226. (ISSN: 1576-0162).

Selected Conference Presentations

Accepted: ‘Community Renewable Energy Projects. Are they the Future of the Sustainable Energy Transition?’, to be presented at UACES virtual conference, September 2020. [originally Queens University Belfast]

Accepted: ‘The role of green financial instruments in the New European Green Deal’, to be presented at the ECPR Standing Group Conference in Rome, June 2020.[Conference cancelled]

‘Evolution and challenges for green economy approaches in Spain’ and ‘Post-crisis environmental policies in Spain’. UACES conference in Lisbon, September 2019.

‘The role of environmental taxes on greening European economies’. UACES Conference, Bath, September 2018.

‘Sustainable Energy Transformation in a Brexit-Trump Scenario’. IPSA Conference, Brisbane, July 2018.

‘Conflicting energy policy priorities in EU energy governance’. UACES Conference, Krakow, September 2017.

‘Environment and Sustainability policies after Brexit: Where are resources going to come from?’. CES Conference, Glasgow, July 2017.

“Green budgeting approaches across Europe”. UACES Conference, Bilbao. September 2015.

“Shifting models of energy companies towards green economy in Europe”. UEA Society for the Advancement of Management Studies Workshop. July 2015.

“Are sustainability strategies the losers of austerity times?” XVII World Economy Meeting. June 2015.

“The influence of energy companies in the Climate Policy agenda”. Cork. UACES Conference. September 2014.

“Fuel Poverty: A cross-country analysis” (together with Nicholas Horsewood). Perth. Scottish Economic Society Conference. April 2014.

“Green Economy in Spain. A lost opportunity?”. Leeds. UACES Conference. September 2013.

“Changes on energy policy discourse: A comparative study between Spain and Germany”. Passau. UACES Conference. September 2012.

“Internationalization, crisis and sustainability: Opportunities to reinforce CSR strategies”, Jaén (Spain), XIV World Economy Meeting. May 2012.

“Effects of the new 2020 strategy on regional energy initiatives and energy markets integration”, Montecatini Terme (Italy), Mediterranean Research Meeting. March 2012.

“The importance of a stable regulatory framework for the energy sector to contribute to emissions reduction and sustainable development”. Cambridge. UACES conference. September 2011.

“Changes in Corporate Governance for a globalized economy” and “The balance between sustainability and energy security in a globalized world”. SASE conference. Madrid. June 2011.

“The influence of International Policy Changes on Business Behaviour Towards Sustainable Development”. UACES Exchanging Ideas on Europe. Bruges. September 2010.

“The energy sector as key for sustainability at the EU – An update”. UACES Collaborative Research Network 2nd Workshop. University of Leeds. July, 2010.

“The move of industry towards sustainability. The particular case of the energy sector” and “Helping Small and Medium Enterprises progress: Finance and technological instruments”. EUNIP Conference in Reus, on June 2010. EUNIP.

“Fight against climate change at the EU in times of crisis”. Paris. SASE Annual conference.  July 2009.

“Spain and United Kingdom energy sectors: Two different approaches to tackle climate change”. Plymouth, 7th March 2009. RGS-IBG Postgraduate Forum. Mid-term conference 2009. University of Plymouth.

 “Rethinking European Union Environmental Policy: From the first directives to the challenges of Kyoto Protocol and beyond”. Edinburgh, September 2008. UACES Conference.


PhD Economics. “European Union programme”. UNED (Madrid).

MSc  (University Specialist). Spanish Fiscal System. UNED & Fundacion Universidad-Empresa

BSc Economics. Universidad de Oviedo (Spain).