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About Prof William West

William undertook an MA, followed by a PhD, in Counselling Studies under the supervision of Professor John McLeod at the University of Keele. He then joined the University of Manchester as a Lecturer in Counselling Studies in 1995, where he is now a Reader in Counselling Studies. Since 2012, William has been a Visiting Professor in Counselling and Spirituality at the University of Central Lancashire. William is probably most noted for his academic interest in Counselling and Spirituality, and for his work with Masters, Professional Doctorate and PhD students.


William teaches on the Doctorate in Professional Studies in Counselling and Psychotherapy Studies, and will be available for PhD supervision.


  • The role of Spirituality in Counselling, Psychotherapy and Pastoral Care;
  • The training, supervision and professional development of therapists;
  • Culture, human lives and therapy;
  • Research methodologies that are congruent with therapeutic practice.


  • £500 from the Alec Van Berchem Charitable Trust and £300 from the Quaker Higher Education Trust towards doctoral studies in 1992-1995 into 'Integrating psychotherapy and healing';
  • £1840 from the Nuffield Foundation, £1000 from the British Academy, and £250 from the Westward Trust for research into the 'Impact of therapists spiritual beliefs on their work', 1996-1997;
  • £8550 from the University of  Manchester Research Support Fund and £1036 from the Faculty of Education Research Development Fund, University of  Manchester, for research into the 'Forgiveness in counselling and pastoral care' project that commenced September 1999;
  • £1250 from ESI Research Development Fund, University of Manchester, in September 2002 to pilot research into helpful and hindering events in counselling supervision;
  • £1250 from ESI Research Development Fund, University of Manchester, in March 2004 to pilot research into informal prayer groups in schools.

PhD and Professional Doctorate Supervision

William had supervised 24 successful PhD students and 23 professional doctorate students to successful completion. Two of William’s PhD students have attracted ESRC studentships, one has gained a Commonwealth scholarship and two have been awarded University of Manchester studentships. 


  • Regular external examiner for PhDs and Doctorates
  • Member of the editorial board for the Canadian Journal of Counselling and Spirituality
  • Peer-Reviewer for Counselling and Psychotherapy Research Journal
  • Peer-Reviewer for British Journal of Guidance and Counselling
  • Peer-Reviewer for Psychotherapy Research
  • Book-Proposal Reviewer for Hodder Publications
  • Book-Proposal Reviewer for Palgrave Macmillan Publishers
  • Book-Proposal Reviewer for Sage Publications

Published Work

Authored Books

Hanley, T., Lennie, C., and West, W., (2012) Introducing Counselling and Psychotherapy Research, published by Sage.

West, W., (2004) Spiritual Issues in Therapy, Relating Experience to Practice, published by Palgrave MacMillan.

West, W., (2000) Psychotherapy and Spirituality, published by Sage.

Edited Books

West, W., (Ed) (2011) Exploring Therapy, Spirituality and Healing, 252 pages, Palgrave Macmillian.

Moodley, R., and West, W., (Eds) (2005) Integrating traditional healing practices into counselling and psychotherapy, 348 pages, published by Sage North America.

Book Chapters

West, W., (2012) ‘Counselling’ in The Oxford textbook on Spirituality and health, edited by Christina Puchalski and Mark Cobb, Oxford University Press.

West, W., (2011) ‘Religion and spirituality’ in The Sage handbook of counselling and psychotherapy, 3rd edition, edited by Colin Feltham, London: Sage, pages 49-53.

West, W., (2010) ‘Counselling, psychotherapy and religion, in Anti-discriminatory counselling practice (2nd Edition), edited by Colin Lago and Barbara Smith, Sage.

West, W., (2010) ‘On the Art of becoming a Cultural Chameleon: Pittu Laungani, Western Counsellors and Non-Western Clients’, in Bridging East-West Psychology and Counselling: exploring the work of Pittu Languani, edited by Roy Moodley, Aanchal Rai and Waseem Alladin, Sage, India.

West, W., (2009) Training matters, in Relational ethics in practice: narratives from counselling and psychotherapy, edited by Lynne Gabriel and Roger Casemore, Routledge.

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West, W., (1994) 'Post Reichian therapy', Innovative Therapy, A Handbook, edited by David Jones, Open University Press, pp. 131-146.

Peer-Reviewed Publications

West, W., and Christodoulidi, F., (2013) Traditional healing and modern therapy, Journal of Critical Psychology, Counselling and Psychotherapy, 13 (4) 216-223.

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Professional journal papers

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  • PhD Counselling Studies (Keele)
  • MA Counseling Studies (Keele)
  • BSc (Hons) Computer Science (Manchester)


  • MBACP Registered Accredited Counsellor/Psychotherapist
  • Fellow of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (FBACP)
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA)