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About Dr Edd Thomson

Edd teaches in the areas of Sports Medicine, Biomechanics, Performance Analysis, Exercise Physiology and Research Methods on the undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. His research is predominantly focused upon amateur and professional boxing. Edd has presented his work at several national and international conferences and is also a registered Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

External Roles

Edd currently serves as a mentor to GB Paralympic swimming team working with their performance statistician to appraise and predict performance of the athletes. He also maintains an active role in the applied sport science by working with local boxing clubs, professional boxers, GB boxing and the English Institute of Sport. He is invited to review scientific papers in academic journals such as the Journal of Sports Sciences and the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research and is also a contributing author to the website, Boxing Science.


Edd teaches on the following Biomechanics, Performance Analysis, Exercise Physiology and Research Methods modules: 

Current teaching includes:

  • Introduction to the Physiology of Exercise (Level 4)
  • Research Methods and Study Skill in Sport and Exercise Sciences (Level 4)
  • Introduction to biomechanics and kinesiology (Level 4)
  • Sports biomechanics and notational analysis in sport (Level 5)
  • Experiential Based Learning (Level 5)
  • Applied performance analysis (Level 6)
  • Sports Medicine (Level 6)
  • Contemporary Issues in Performance Analysis (MSc)
  • Applied performance analysis (MSc)
  • Measurement issues in performance analysis (MSc)

He also supervises dissertations at level 6 and MSc.


Research interests

  • The medical implications of combat sports participation
  • The internal and external demands of amateur boxing
  • The influence of confounding variables (e.g. weight class, contest outcome, ability) upon boxing performance.
  • Judging in amateur and professional boxing
  • Reliability in Performance Analysis

Published Work

Selected Publications

Thomson, E., & Milligan, M. (2023). Performance progression and variability in 100 m freestyle Paralympic swimmers: A comparison of medallists and para classifications. Journal of Sports Sciences, 1-9. DOI

Nicholls, S., Pote, L., Thomson, E., & Theis, N. (2023). The Change in Test Cricket Performance Following the Introduction of T20 Cricket: Implications for Tactical Strategy. Sports Innovation Journal4, 1-16. DOI

Augustovicova, D., Argajova, J., Rupcik, L., & Thomson, E. (2020). Development of a reliable and valid kata performance analysis template. Journal of Physical Education and Sport20(6), 3553-3559

Stanley, E., Thomson, E., Smith, G., & Lamb, K. L. (2018). An analysis of the three-dimensional kinetics and kinematics of maximal effort punches among amateur boxers. International Journal of Performance Analysis in Sport18(5), 835-854. DOI

Thomson, E., & Lamb, K. (2017). The reproducibility of the internal load and performance-based responses to simulated amateur boxing. The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research. DOI

Thomson, E., & Lamb, K. (2017). Quantification of the physical and physiological load of a boxing-specific simulation protocol. International Journal of Performance Analysis in Sport, 17(1-2), 136-148.

Waldron, M., Thomson, E., Highton, J., & Twist, C. (2017). Transient fatigue is not influenced by ball-in-play time during elite rugby league matches. The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research.

Thomson, E., & Lamb, K. (2016). The technical demands of amateur boxing: Effect of contest outcome, weight and ability. International Journal of Performance Analysis in Sport, 16(1), 203-215.

Thomson, E. (2015). Mastering the sweet science: Learning and Feedback (Part II).

Thomson, E. (2014). Mastering the sweet science: Learning and Feedback.

Thomson, E., Lamb, K.L., & Nicholas, C. (2013). The development of a reliable amateur boxing performance analysis template. Journal of Sports Sciences, 31, 516-528.

Thomson, E. (2012). A performance analysis of scoring in professional boxing: Can it help? The Sport and Exercise Scientist, Issue 33, 12-13.


BSc (Hons), PhD.