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About Prof Ken Green

Ken is a Professor II at Inland University, Norway. He is Editor-in-Chief of the European Physical Education Review and on the editorial boards of the International Journal of Sports Policy and the Scandinavian Sports Studies Forum.


His specialist teaching and research area is the Sociology of PE. He teaches on the following modules:

  • Introduction to the Sociology of Sport and Exercise (Level 4)
  • Issues in Physical Education (Level 6)
  • Research Methods (MSc)
  • Sociological Theory (MSc)
  • Sociology of Physical Education (MSc) 


Research interests

  • Physical education
  • Youth sport
  • Sports participation
  • Sport in Norway and the Nordic countries
  • Leisure
  • Sport, PE and mental health

Published Work

Selected Publications

Røset, L., Green, K., & Thurston, M. (2020) ‘Even if you don’t care, you do care after all!’ Othering and physical education in Norway, European Physical Education Review, 26(3), 622–641.

Røset, L., Green, K., & Thurston, M. (2020) Physical education in Norway. Exploring the implications for mental health, Sport, Education and Society, 25(6), 618–630. 

Johansen, P.-F. & Green, K. (2019) “It’s alpha omega for succeeding and thriving”: Parents, children and sporting cultivation in Norway, Sport, Education and Society, 24(4), 427–440.

Wheeler, S., Green, K. & Thurston, M. (2019) Social class and the emergent organised sporting habits of primary-aged children, European Physical Education Review, 25(1), 89–108.

Wheeler, S. & Green, K. (2019) “The fixtures, the kits, the gear, the gum shields, the food, the snacks, the waiting, the rain, the car rides…”: Social class, parenting and children’s organized leisure, Sport, Education and Society, 24(8): 788–800.

Bengsbo, J. … Green, K., et al. (2016) Physical activity for children and youth in schools and during leisure time: Fitness, health, cognitive functioning, motivation and inclusion. Consensus statement from the Copenhagen Consensus Conference 2016. British Journal of Sports Medicine.

Jones, L. & Green, K. (2017) Who teaches primary PE? Change and transformation through the eyes of PE teachers, Sport, Education and Society, 22(6):759-771.

Green, K., Thurston, M., Vaage, O. & Mordal-Moen, K. (2015) Girls, young women and sport in Norway: A case study of sporting convergence amid favourable socio-economic conditions, International Journal of Sports Policy and Politics, 7(4): 531-550.

Green, K., Thurston, M., Vaage, O. & Roberts, K. (2015) “[We’re on the right track, baby], we were born that way!” Exploring sports participation in Norway, Sport, Education & Society, 20(3): 285-303.

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Green, K. (2014) Mission Impossible? Reflections on the Relationship between Physical Education, Youth Sport and Lifelong Participation, Sport, Education & Society, 19(4): 357-375.

Mordal-Moen, K. & Green, K. (2014) Neither Shaking nor Stirring. A Case-Study of Reflective Practice in Norwegian Physical Education Teacher Education, Sport, Education & Society, 19(4): 415-434.


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Edited Books

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Book Chapters

Green, K., Wheeler, S., & Johansen, P.F. (2021) Sport, children and socialization. In Lawrence Wenner (ed.) The Oxford Handbook of Sport and Society. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Thurston, M. & Green, K. (2021) Youth people, mental health and education: Where does the concept of ‘wellbeing’ fit in? In Tjomsland, H. E., Grieg Viig, N. G. & Resaland, G.K. (eds.) Livsmestring og folkehelse i skolen: I fag, på tvers av fag og som en helhetlig tilnærming i skolen. Oslo: Fagbokforlaget.

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BA (Hons), PGCE, MEd, MSc, PhD