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About Dr Alana Vincent

I came to Chester in 2012, following on from posts as a Rothschild Fellow at the University of Glasgow and as the Barbro Osher Research Fellow in Memory of Krister Stendahl at the Swedish Theological Institute in Jerusalem, where my research was focussed on Jewish-Christian dialogue and issues of religious stereotyping.

My main research interest is “Religion and…”, with the “and” mostly being popular culture (comic books, action films, science fiction and fantasy literature), although I do work across other areas of arts, literature, and culture—for example in the British Ritual Innovation under Covid-19 project, which uses methods from theatre and performance studies to assess the changes that have taken place to religious practice since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.

I teach Jewish Studies—Jewish history, philosophy, and religious practice—and political philosophy—questions about how people live together. My classroom is a space of active learning, where students engage directly with primary texts, learning how to interpret them, make judgements from them, and connect them to their everyday lives. We practice core skills like logic and argumentation, critical reading, persuasive writing, and digital skills. 



  • Philosophy, Religion and the Good Life
  • Food, Sex, and War: An Introduction to Ethics and Religion
  • Society, State, and the Individual: Political Thought and Action in Judaism and Islam
  • Field Study of Religion
  • Violence and Nationalism: Religious and Philosophical Perspectives
  • The Philosophical Imagination


  • The Spirituality of Artistic Practice
  • The Aesthetics of Suffering
  • Field Study of Religion


Research Interests:

  • Religion and the arts, particularly:
    • fantasy and science fiction
    • the art and literature of the two world wars
    • decorative arts, arts & crafts, and 19th century aesthetics
  • Jewish-Christian dialogue
  • Post-Holocaust thought
  • Cultural memory

PhD and DProf supervision:

I welcome proposals for research projects relating to any of the above areas, or for other topics in modern Jewish studies or arts, literature, and religion.

Current Doctoral Students:

Brenton Dickieson:   Cruciformity in C.S. Lewis’ Narrative Spiritual Theology

Richard Hasnip:        The Sign of the Monster: A hermeneutic of Zombies, Werewolves and Vampires

Nathanael Jones:     God and Eldritch Horror: “Thinking Theology” Through Lovecraft

Oliver Startin:           The Definition of Religion in Contemporary Science Fiction

Elsewhere on the web:


University of Chester Repository Page


Published Work


2014    Jewish Thought, Utopia, and Revolution. Co-edited with Elena Namli and Jayne Svenungsson. Amsterdam: Rodopi.

2013    Making Memory: Jewish and Christian Explorations in Monument, Narrative and Liturgy. Eugene, OR: Pickwick Press.

2012    Culture, Communion and Recovery: Tolkienian Fairy-Story and Inter-Religious Exchange. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Press.

Journal Articles

2020 ‘Convergence and Asymmetry: Observations on the Current State of Jewish-Christian Dialogue’ Interreligious Studies and Intercultural Theology 4.2 pp. 200-222.

2017    “Ecclesiasticus, War Graves, and the secularisation of British Values”. Journal of the Bible and its Reception 4/2 pp. 319-329.

2017    “Dissenting from Redemption: Judaism and Political Theology”. European Judaism 17/1.

2016  “The Work of Creation: Image, Idolatry, and Jewish Discourse in Theology and the Arts”. Literature & Theology 30/4.

2016    “Förlåtelse och teodicé efter Auschwitz”, trans. Daniel Pedersen, in Aiolos 52-53 (“Auschwitz and Culture”) pp. 169-178.

2015    ‘The Rabbi on the Train: Questions of Forgiveness’, in Jewish Quarterly 62.3 pp. 10-15.

Edited Chapters

2020 ‘Love and Monsters: Autonomy and Gender in Modern Golem Literature’ in Entanglements and Weavings: Diffractive Approaches to Gender and Love, ed. Marianne Schleicher and Deirdre Byrne. Brill, pp. 159-174.

2019    “Rituals of Reconciliation? How consideration of ritual can inform readings of Catholic-Jewish dialogue after the Holocaust”, in Interreligious Relations and the Negotiation of Ritual Boundaries:  Explorations in Interrituality, ed. Marianne Moyaert. Palgrave MacMillan.

2018    "Holocaust Commemoration, Historical Anesthetization and the Refugee Crisis", in Religion in the European Refugee Crisis, ed. Graeme Smith and Ulrich Schmiedel. London: Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 187-204.

2018    “Speakers for the Dead: Digital Memory and the Erosion of Identity”, in The Ethos of History: Time and Responsibility, ed. Jayne Svenungsson and Stefan Helgesson. Berghan Books.

2017    “Tzedakah, Tikkun: Jewish Approaches to Social Justice”, in Everyday Social Justice and Citizenship ed. Ann Marie Mealey et al. London: Routledge, pp. 42-56.

2015    ‘Forgetting Capsules: Public Monuments and Religious Ritual’, in Monument and Memory, ed. Mattias Martinson. Berlin: LIT-Verlag.


BFA (Atlanta College of Art), MA (Prescott College), PhD (Glasgow), FHEA.