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About Prof Wayne Morris

As a practical theologian, I seek to contribute to shaping new thinking and practice on questions of justice, equality and human rights, and human well-being. I engage these questions with a range of religious and theological perspectives, conscious that religious ideas can lead to extraordinary acts of goodness as well as some of the most horrific acts of history.

I joined the University of Chester in September 2003. I was appointed senior lecturer in 2007, Deputy Head of Theology and Religious Studies in 2010, Head of Department in August 2014, and Director of the School of Humanities in 2017. I very much enjoy combining working with students at all levels of study and sharing in the management of our excellent School.  Prior to coming to Chester I held various teaching roles at Birmingham University and I worked for two charities: Sense for deafblind people, and a small ecumenical charity promoting disability rights. In January 2014, I was appointed editor for the journal, Practical Theology.