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We would like to introduce you to our brand-new alumni book club! We know that many of our alumni love to read. That’s why we’ve set up the Alumni Book Club. It’s the perfect way for you to talk about books with fellow alumni around the world.

Try something new today and connect with fellow alumni to read and discuss books. There is no cost to join, you just have to source a copy of the books. It will be hosted online, so you can join in from anywhere.

The first book will be preselected but after that a vote will be held regularly so members can choose themselves. One book will be read every two months. If you have on average 30 minutes a week to read you should be able to finish each book. There is no required level of participation in group discussions; so, if you don’t have time to read one of the books that okay.

The first meeting will be held in January, and you can find out our first book below!

If you would like to join the alumni book club – please email to register.

Memphis – Tara M. Stringfellow

Family can hold you together. And tear you apart.

Joan was only a child the last time she visited Memphis. She doesn't remember the bustle of Beale Street or the smell of honeysuckle as she climbs the porch steps to her aunt's house. But when the front door opens, she does remember her cousin Derek.

As Joan learns more about her family's past, she discovers she's not the only North woman to have experienced great hurt. But she also sees their resilience and courage, how these extraordinary women fry green tomatoes and braid hair and sing all the while.

Joan can't change the past, but she can change her future. It's time to find her own song to sing.

Please be aware that this book covers sensitive topics including racism, sexual abuse, and violence.