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As a result of Steve, John and Sue’s research, Alan Robinson, a relative of Fred Bullough (one of our 77 fallen alumni), was contacted and invited to our commemoration service in June, which he will be attending with a relative from Australia. Alan has a keen interest in tracing his family history and his research into Fred’s life has proven invaluable when piecing together the history of the 77 names on the memorial plaque.

In October 2017, Alan visited the University with his wife Sandra, to meet with John. Alan said: “It came as a surprise to me to learn that my great uncle, Fred Bullough, had trained as a teacher at Chester College. It is a wonderful idea for the University to commemorate its former students who died in the Great War.”

Sue has also contributed significantly to the project. After discovering that memorabilia for one of the names on the plaque - Joseph Henry Bratt - had been auctioned, Sue managed to get in touch with Mavis Mottram who had purchased the lot. Mavis generously provided copies and photographs of all the items she had relating to Joseph.

Mavis, who visited the University’s Parkgate Road Campus last year with her daughter, said: “When I bought Joseph Henry Bratt's World War One memorabilia from the auction, I never thought that it was going to take me on such an interesting journey, eventually leading me to the University of Chester. I had researched Joseph's attestation papers and wondered why they had been signed in Chester and not in his local area of North Staffordshire like my own grandfather’s had been. When I received the email from Sue it all became clear - Joseph had obviously been a Student Teacher at Chester College.”

The alumni researchers also discovered that the family of one fallen alumnus, Ernest Alfred Cash, was still in possession of a King’s Penny (a plaque given to the family as a tangible memorial of their lost loved one). After searching through memorabilia kept by Ernest’s sister, his relatives were able to locate and restore the Penny.