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Air quality links to climate change

Poor air quality is a global threat to human and ecosystem health, with climate change projected to exacerbate air quality problems through meteorological changes. Many air quality pollutants may also contribute to climate change themselves, making this a perpetual problem.

"We are supporting this research to help ensure that the latest scientific understanding of the relationship between climate change and air quality can be communicated to business and decision makers at municipal or national levels and NGOs. That understanding may have profound implications for multiple sectors including health, transport and urban planning."
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A new wave of renewable energy

The UK is surrounded by the largest source of wave and tidal power in Europe, with production potential of 840 TWh of electricity each year. To put this into perspective, this is double the UK’s annual electricity demand of 350 TWh/year*. Just harnessing a proportion of this energy could make a significant contribution to the UK’s Clean Growth Strategy, which aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80% from 1990 levels by 2050.

"This project presents a great opportunity for us to really push this technology forward and get our products into the market place. The ability to access university resources, expertise and facilities is proving invaluable to the development of our product."
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Our electric nation

Over 100,000 electric vehicles (EVs) were being used on UK roads back in 2017. With the UK Government banning the sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2032 in Scotland, and 2040 for the rest of the UK this number is projected to increase to over 40 million by 2050.

"This research is essential if we are to meet the future energy demand created by the increased adoption of electric vehicles. The UK Government’s Industrial Strategy has shown this to be an important area of development which we’re proud to be contributing to."
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Renewable energy for the Chester community

Chester Community Energy Ltd is a registered cooperative (community benefit society) which aims to develop, own and facilitate renewable energy installations for the benefit of the community of Chester and surrounding areas. The society is run by volunteers and aims to reduce the community's carbon footprint and promote environmental awareness and energy efficiency.

"My knowledge and skill set has developed as part of my work with Chester Community Energy, which has benefited my personal and professional development."
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Growth of the Green Roof

Turf management is a growing industry and affects us all. Not only do professional sports pitches such as football, golf and tennis turf need to be high quality and well-maintained but there is also an expectation for parks and public spaces to be appealing and available throughout the year and in all weathers.

"Our internship with the Centre provided a fantastic resource to help drive market understanding and campaigns to push this innovation forward.”
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Pakistani PhD student hopes to help solve her country’s energy crisis

A student from Pakistan, who is studying for her PhD at the University of Chester, has made it her career goal to play her part in helping to solve her country’s energy crisis.

“I am really excited about this project. PhD research can sometimes remain as a thesis, so I feel very lucky to be somewhere where my research will be implemented into the real world to solve real world problems."
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Camcoat Performance Coatings Ltd

Warrington-based company, Camcoat Performance Coatings Ltd, has high hopes that their link with the Eco-Innovation project at Thornton Science Park will bring its product development rewards.

It is an amazing opportunity to work alongside Camcoat Performance Coatings Ltd to help research in the development of new innovative solutions.
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Autichem Ltd

A major cause of global warming is CO2 being released into the atmosphere. SME, Autichem Ltd may have found the solution by capturing it.

It looks nothing like I imagined, but that’s what research and development is all about.
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