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This project interrogates a model of collaborative lesson enquiry that is designed to have a transformative effect on mathematics classrooms in order to raise attainment in mathematics GCSE. The collaborations studied within the project are innovative because classroom enquiry is a partnership between teachers and university teacher educators, integrated with traditional professional learning opportunities. Teachers and university teacher educators share responsibility for translating research into practice through lesson design and by interrogating pupils’ responses to the designed lessons. This model is exemplified by this cycle:

The projects have been evaluated by an independent university researcher who has used observation and interview to capture teachers’ perceptions of the collaborative lesson research.    

Summary of impact

The project schools are implementing the outcomes of each cycle of enquiry into the schools’ mathematics curriculum and are increasingly becoming more autonomous in developing the focus for their own enquiries. The evaluation has identified striking features of the collaboration, demonstrating its democratic design that values the contribution of all participants, whilst acknowledging the role of the university teacher educators in research informed lesson design. Outcomes of the projects are shared widely in the university school’s partnership and inform teaching in PGCE and MA programmes.

Underpinning research

Teacher education around the world: What can we learn from international practice?

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Rethinking the connections between campus courses and field experiences in college and university-based teacher education.

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Research Outcomes

Translating research into practice through collaborative planning.

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The Pursuit of Democratic, Transformative Teacher Education.

Bamber, S. & Hulse, B. - Paper accepted at Pedagogy, Politics and Teacher Education conference at King’s College London 13 – 15 May 2020 Postponed due to lockdown.