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The Faculty of Education and Children's Services research seminar series provides an opportunity for members of staff from the Faculty, elsewhere in the University and colleagues from other universities to share ideas at different stages of development. Staff and doctoral students are encouraged to present at these events.

Upcoming Events:




Currently there are no upcoming events 



Previous Events:

March 24th 2021

Teaching and managing resilience, personal growth through challenge

February 24th 2021

Dr Dean J. Wilkinson

The benefits of arts projects for older prisoners, their characteristics and needs.

December 16th 2020

Mike Taylor

Leading assessment policy in schools: England vs Scotland.

November 4th 2020

Nikolaos Dimitriadis

Your Brain in Crisis: How to Adapt and Grow in Challenging Times

27 May 2020

Supportive children’s mental health and wellbeing

Research Seminar Slides   

Prof Jess Deighton – UCL London

8 April 2020

Research is for all
Dr Steve Lambert – University of Chester

For further information please contact Dr Steve Lambert (