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Research activity in the Faculty of Education & Children’s Services is based on five main themes which underpin the majority of our work.

Each of these themes contains a range subject matter, which provokes detailed exploration and analysis.

While our individual staff have expertise pertaining to at least one of these fields, projects are often conducted in groups or partnerships. Collaboration is a key element in enhancing our research and allows for greater opportunities to share information and ideas - not just between colleagues but with our doctoral students, and international partners.

Each of these themes contains a range subject matter, which provokes more detailed exploration and analysis of the issues and ideas that exist within them. Our RECAP centre is an example of how creativity and practice can be used as a research tool in a variety of ways, across different countries and cultures.

We seek to enhance the scope and profile of our research by welcoming contributions and collaborations from academics at external institutions and applications from prospective postgraduate research students.

Please explore the links below for further insight into our work.