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Guidance Notes

Your Interview Day at the University of Chester will incorporate an introductory talk which provides information on the University and details relating to the structure of the PGCE Programme including: learning and teaching strategies; assessment arrangements; School-Based Learning (SBL); University-Based Learning (UBL); subject specific information; accommodation and support services. Please refer to your interview invitation letter for the timings and schedule of your Interview Day.

Your Interview Day will normally consist of a formal interview, a literacy task designed to assess your assimilation skills and written ability, and a practical workshop where we will explore your basic movement skills and games teaching. The practical tasks are as follows:

  • Gymnastics workshop – perform a sequence lasting up to 60 seconds, comprising of any number/combination of the agilities listed in the separate handout, with linking movements.
  • Games teaching episode – design and lead a five minute teaching episode which focuses on one (or more) of the principles of games listed in the separate handout.
  • The practical workshop will be followed by a formal interview and written task. The interview is designed to look at specific areas of your understanding and will include discussion of school experience, pedagogical knowledge and your views on Physical Education. While the interview is designed to probe your understanding of the subject, it will also allow the opportunity for you to share your individual knowledge and expertise.
  • Throughout the interview day we will also be noting your interactions with others, your presentation skills and your ability to use language confidently, succinctly and appropriately.
  • After the interview, all the information we have gathered from your application form, results of your written task, presentation/ practical/group discussion and interview will be reviewed against the secondary Programme’s selection criteria.
  • If you are offered and accept a place on the PGCE Programme, you will receive a short action plan identifying areas for further development by the start of the Programme. You will also receive a subject reading list to get you started on your teaching journey.
  • If you do not secure a place on the Programme verbal feedback from the subject tutor is available should you require it.


Interviews will take place at our Parkgate Road campus, Chester.