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University of Chester offers advice and guidance to BDA college providers to ensure the quality of provision for BDA programmes at level 5 or level 7.

An initial two-day assessment is provided to allow for the establishment of a base line. This can either be conducted onsite with the college provider or alternatively the paperwork can be sent in advance to our team at the University of Chester. The first day will involve a paperwork review, which will be followed up by discussions with college staff, allowing an opportunity to discuss their programme and so that available resources can be examined. Recommendations will then be provided as necessary. Once a relationship is established with a provider, external examination of their marking etc. is covered hourly. The time required will vary depending on the number of students on the programme. Costing are subject to annual review.

  Cost 2 days off site Cost 2 days Chester Cost/hr off site Cost/hr Chester Cost/day off site Cost/day Chester
Consultancy costs £1,340* £1,535 £90* £105 £670* £770

* Excluding travel expenses and any required overnight accomodation (distance from Chester dependent).