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We are invested in pursuing contemporary and innovative research related to children and families in early years settings, schools and their local and wider communities. Our researchers’ work, which crosses and intersects with a range of disciplines, methodologies and theoretical frameworks, aims to inform and develop policy and practice. Core to our research philosophy is to understand the diverse social contexts of children and families with a view to enhancing future policies, practices and services. The core themes which the team engages in, includes:

  • Social justice, inclusion and diversity
  • Children’s lives, perspectives and experiences 
  • Pedagogy, curriculum, assessment and professionalism
  • Contemporary issues in the early years
  • International comparisons / globalised childhood
  • Special educational needs and disability
  • Children’s health and wellbeing

We welcome interest in postgraduate students seeking to undertake research in any of the areas outlined above. We are also happy to collaborate or conduct research, nationally or internationally, specifically in the field of children, social justice, inclusion and diversity.

Journals and Publications

The complex tapestry of relationships which surround adoptive families (Taylor & Francis Publishing)

This small-scale study examines the experiences encountered by a group of parents in their endeavours to support their children to settle and thrive, both in family life and school. The study identifies how a ‘complex tapestry of relationships’ exists both within and beyond adoptive families, which influences children’s developmental and educational outcomes.

Dr Paula Hamilton & Kevin Forgacs-Pritchard

Diversity and Marginalisation in Childhood (SAGE Publishing)

This book analyses issues encountered by marginalised groups and the impact these may have on the lives of those concerned, together with how practitioners can help to empower these individuals and groups.

Dr Paula Hamilton