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In the Early Years Research Group we are invested in pursuing exciting, innovative and relevant research related to children in the earliest phases of their development. Our work is pertinent to the practices, concerns and issues of not only young children but their families, carers and other professionals who have meaningful contact with them.

Working on this basis, we pursue more specific research interests and themes such as:

  • Child thought (and how a child’s understanding of themselves and the world around them develops).
  • The ethics of early child research.
  • Technology, its uses, abuses, impact and employment in relation to children in their early years.
  • Systems of support and the issues related to their governance of children in their early years.
  • The professional training of those who work with early years children (including their own employment and development of notions of professional identity).
  • The cultural and ethnic identity of early years children and the impact of globalisation on their formulation.

We welcome interest in any potential research student seeking to undertake work in any of the areas outlined above - but will also consider supporting research outside these areas should they fall within our combined fields of expertise.

For more information on how the individual members of the team conduct and implement their research, please visit our profiles or our publications pages:

Key Researchers: