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Our research team prides itself on our international standing, having spent many years building academic partnerships and personal relationships with institutions and individuals from around the world.

These connections have fostered a wide range of research projects in a number of countries, all of which play an important role in feeding our ongoing research. As well as working with international partners, we also co-operate with other departments within the University of Chester (such as Modern Languages) and external, UK-based partners. Our RECAP centre also serves as a hub for our different collaborations and is the nucleus for many of our various international activities.

We aim to create an environment in which, students and staff can engage on different levels with international peers, both at home and overseas, placing them in a strong position to contribute to the field of education and children's services. We also encourage and welcome international students into any level of our programmes, as well as faculty visits from both staff and students.

Over the past decade, we have also taken part in collaborations with Universities and educational establishments from:

Croatia Greece Italy
Lithuania Melanesia The Netherlands
New Zealand Poland Russia
Slovenia South Africa


Croatia Greece Italy
Lithuania Melanesia The Netherlands
New Zealand Poland Russia
Slovenia South Africa  





We have also created numerous opportunities for student mobility, staff mobility and collaborative projects via the Erasmus+ programme:

Please visit this page for ongoing information about the many international projects and events our team take part in.


Vienna Collaboration

Dr Bethan Hulse has maintained a collaborative relationship with language teacher educators at the Pe​dagogischehochschule in Vienna for a number of years.

The Erasmus teacher exchange programme has facilitated regular visits between the two institutions enabling a rich exchange of innovative practice within the field of additional language teaching.

Brigitte Roth and Sylvia Jindra have taught seminars on the PGCE Modern Languages course at Chester and Bethan Hulse has taught sessions on the use of drama in Vienna to both student and in-service language teachers.



Conference at Amity University, India

Chandrika Devarakonda was recently invited to be a guest speaker at the 'International Conference On Inclusive Education - Strategies for Access, Equity and Opportunity', Organized by the Amity Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences, Amity University, Uttar Pradesh, India on Friday, 21st July, 2017.

The conference was attended by education specialists with expertise in General & Special Education, Psychology, Counselling & Administration, Students from a range of education-related courses and parents of children.

The conference attendance included around 70 attendees and was inaugurated by the ice chancellor of the university. The conference included two presentations:

- Inclusive Education: Strategies for access, a UK perspective.
- Inclusive Education: Practices for benchmark disabilities.

Chandrika said: "The audience were very active in contributing as well as asking questions. They also found the presentations to be thought provoking and inspiring."

The Savineau Archive Project

Collaborative research project : Faculty of Education and Modern Languages Department

Dr Bethan Hulse is working on a research project with Professor Claire Griffiths ( of the Modern Languages Department at the University of Chester.

The aim of the project is to develop and disseminate authentic materials for teaching the new A-level French curriculum and enable PGCE students to visit schools in Africa.

The project is based on a unique archive of material from francophone Africa produced by Professor Claire Griffiths. The reports - by Denise Savineau - document the lives of women and girls across francophone Africa during the 1930s.The project involves school partners and PGCE student teachers as well as academics from both Education and Modern Languages.

University of North Florida Collaboration

This summer, Chandrika Devarakonda oversaw the second year of an ongoing exchange programme with the University of North Florida.

After meeting one of the University's tutors at a conference in Florida, Dr. Devarakonda worked to create the programme, through which students can take part in a Work Based Learning module (International Experience of Early Childhood) via a 2-week placement in a Kindergarten or "Pre-K" school in Florida.

In return, students from America visit Chester for the same time period and visit nursery and primary schools in both the Cheshire and Merseyside area.