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As the political landscape is continually subject to change, so is the policy that is formed by it. Educational institutions are among those most commonly impacted by this change, particularly in cases where control shifts between local and centralised state administration.

The Educational Policy and Leadership research group seeks to critically discuss, analyse and debate policy making, implementation and impact in all levels and facets of education.

We bring together individuals with an interest in policy and/or leadership, collaborating externally, beyond the Faculty of Education and Children’s Services (most commonly with the faculties of Business & Management and Health & Social Care) and the University as a whole, motivated by a common interest in educational policy and leadership.

Our goal is to not only develop staff-led research in the field but to encourage research from a practitioner/student perspective, via doctoral-level research. We also seek to investigate the concept of leadership, not just in the way it relates to policy but in its theoretical constructs and its execution through impact-based practitioner enquiry.

For more information on how the individual members of the team conduct and implement their research, please visit our profiles or our publications pages:

Key researchers: