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This research interest group aims to enhance critical debates and perspectives on teaching and learning in higher education. Members of the group work and study in a variety of different subject areas across the Faculty of Education and Children’s Services but share an interest in how students experience University in both their formal learning and in their informal university experiences. Our research crosses and intersects with a range of disciplines, methodologies and theoretical frameworks and aims to inform and develop policy and practice both within and outside the University of Chester.

Areas of research interest within the group include:

  • Blended learning and specifically Hyflex and Hybrid (also known as Space Agnostic Learning) models of delivery
  • The flipped classroom
  • Students’ mental health and wellbeing
  • Reading in the digital world

Key Researchers

  • Jeanette Bailie, Senior Lecturer
  • Helen Eadon-Sinkinson, Senior Lecturer
  • Wendy Garner, Senior Lecturer and Senior University Teaching Fellow
  • Heather Macdonald, Senior Lecturer
  • Anne Williams, Senior Subject Librarian

Indicative Journals and Publications

A creative approach to engaging students as partners at Faculty level of the institution (JEIPC)

The Journal of Educational Innovation, Partnership and Change

Lees, B., Garner, W., Fletcher, M., Gradwell, N., Harris, M., Heathcoate,M…..Wright, E. Vol 2, No 1 (2016)

Primary Humanities: Learning through Enquiry (Sage Publishing)