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This research team looks at individuals, groups and communities that have been marginalised, with most research being conducted ethnographically, enabling us to understand it from provocative, philosophical perspectives. Under this pretext, we focus on the experiences, contexts and processes that support and undermine social equity and justice.

In exploring these concepts, the research we undertake is characteristically modest in scale and local in its dimensions. It focuses on the many aspects of marginalised experience, investigating problems such as homelessness or childhood neglect and the wide range of issues that characterise them. These range from the personal (such as neglect, belonging, relationships, intimacy, love and sex) to the more institutional (like symbolic order, crime, spaces and rights), as well as the many ways all of these issues inherently relate to one another.

However, this does not mean that we are exclusively tied to these forms of enquiry. We are interested in all forms of marginalisation, and welcome postgraduate research applications and proposals of study accordingly.

Key researchers

Journals and Publications

Power and Education (SAGE Journals)

Dr Paul Moran contributes to Power and Education - an international, peer-reviewed journal promoting critical studies of contemporary educational practice and challenging the complicit practices and assumptions of mainstream educational research.

The Philosophy of Homelessness (Routledge Publishing)

Case Study: Marginalisation