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The practice-based research group focuses on educational practitioners and children, extensively exploring the practice of education itself through them. Within this sphere, we position our work as being integral to practice and so facilitating research that we term “from practice, in practice and out into practice.”

We also aim to develop a culture which is respectful of the different contributions of participants in practice-based research. Our group aspires to create a culture of enquiry which encompasses a number of different principles, while establishing a central forum for disseminating practice-based research.

At the core of these principles is the acknowledgement that practitioners’ work and practitioners themselves are the basis for research and that the research itself includes critical reflection and the systematic study of practice. We believe this is characterised by practitioner control and ownership of the research.

Additionally, we also hope to develop the capacity of practitioners to critique policy and practice and, when challenging the ethical dimensions of practice, respectfully acknowledge the possible tensions that arise in collaborative enquiry. Overall, we hope to expand the potential for emancipatory and transformative practice.

Key researchers

Journals and Publications

Understanding Subject Knowledge For Primary Teaching (SAGE Publishing)
Beyond the Big Six Religions: Expanding the Boundaries in the Teaching of Religion and Worldviews (Chester University Press)

Case Study: Research Into Practice