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My classmates were welcoming and friendly, and the tutors very supportive.

MPhil / PhD Creative Writing

Before starting my undergraduate degree in Creative Writing and English Literature, I was worried that the two-decade absence from education would have dulled my brain, but once classes began I quickly settled in. My classmates were welcoming and friendly, and the tutors very supportive. Even by the end of the first year, I knew that three years wouldn’t be enough of a university experience for me! After my BA, and having completed an MA in Creative Writing: Writing and Publishing Fiction, I am now researching for a PhD in Creative Writing.

I currently work part-time as a visiting lecturer at the university, while making my main income as a freelance writer for a number of agencies and private clients. One of these is a ghost-writing agency, for whom I have written a number of pieces for younger readers. I enjoy freelancing/ ghosting, but hope to make it as a full-time fiction writer in time.

To this end, I regularly submit flash fiction pieces, short stories and poems, many of which have been accepted for publication, even as I work on longer, novel-length pieces of writing. My work has appeared in a number of publications: online credits include Zero Flash, 101 Words, Burnt Breakfast Visual Verse, Aphelion Webzine and Drabblr, Storgy, and SWAMP Writing, while print credits are with Pandora’s Box and Flash: The International Short-Short Story Magazine (for which I am also a regular reviewer). My short story ‘The Swimming Pool’, entered into the 2015 High Sheriff’s Cheshire Prize for Literature, was printed in the 2016 anthology Patches of Light.

I, along with a classmate, am working on establishing a workshopping magazine and open mic venue, House of Flash, in Chester. We hope to inspire interest in the written word, and pass on the joy of reading to those who usually turn their back on ‘schooling’ with great relief. We focus on flash fiction pieces as they are short enough to be thoroughly workshopped in a single session. We hope, in time, to apply for funding from the Arts Council in order to be able to increase our focus on this work: funds will allow us to print the magazine, go into schools, and generally devote more time to getting people reading for pleasure.