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Emily's Story

This picture was taken on the second year fieldwork trip to New York City. Before I came to Chester there was no way in hell that you would get me on a plane with a group of 8 random people, to spend 2 weeks in a completely new city. After having a wobbly first year and struggling to adjust to university life something clicked for me in second year and convinced me to go on this trip.

Researching the history of immigration throughout New York made me realise that friends/people will come in all shapes and sizes and will have come from a variety of different backgrounds, having multiple stories to tell. Even though you may have a different story, it does not make you any less valuable than the next person. Having a specific story is what makes you unique and is possibly what makes New York City so unique and desirable in itself.

While I’m about to enter my third year in September, I have more drive and positivity than ever! Even though I am not 100% sure on what my future holds, I am excited to meet new people and learn about their stories. This picture highlights the adventure behind all the stress and hard work. A trip I will never forget. #MyChesterStory