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Emma's Story

As soon as I started my first undergraduate degree, I had my heart set on a career in Dietetics, but I knew it came with a huge workload and dedication to get there. I often felt disheartened, as many uni’s were more interested in churning out good grades rather than good people, which is completely against my values. I never thought I’d be good enough to get to Chester.

I was completely doubtful of myself after my applications and interviews, and had already started planning my gap year and other career options. But when I got the letter to say I’d been awarded a place on the course, I cried of absolute shock, but a lot of joy too.

My favourite part about studying with Chester definitely has to be my fellow course mates. It is so refreshing to share a passion with such like-minded and lovely people. People at Chester genuinely want to learn, progress in our career but all above all, have fun too. This year has without a doubt been the hardest of my life, but I couldn’t have got there without an amazing network of support. I can’t wait to finish my final year of university and placements and get out into the big wide world!