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Pandora’s Inbox is the online home of Pandora’s Box. It publishes students’ and staff’s creative writing throughout the academic year. The best writing from the Inbox is selected for publication in the A5 magazine Pandora’s Box.

Pandora’s Box was founded in 2002 by Dr Ashley Chantler and the inaugural issue was published in May 2003. Pandora’s Inbox was established in 2010 by Dr Francesca Haig. After Francesca, the editor was Dr Ian Seed, former Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing. The current General Editor is Ashley.

The Inbox and Box have published a wide range of poems, flashes and short stories. Several of the student authors have gone on to do the English Department’s MA Creative Writing, and to publish their work elsewhere.

Pandora’s Box also runs popular open-mic events on the Exton Park Campus, hosted by Dr Graham Atkin and the student editors. Invitations to attend will be emailed to all Departmental students.

The Inbox’s and Box’s logo image was created by Emma Carroll.