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Alsop, Derek, Moray's Houses Unvisited

Alsop, Derek, Train Noise

Bowers, Tom, Soap

Bowers, Tom, Shoebox

Conroy, Lauren, Wildwood

Eaton, Ben, Never Again

Edwards, Rob, Untitled

Edwards, Rob, Olduns and Younguns

Elderkin, Georgia, Blue Topaz Ring

Elsmore, Rob, Picture

Fellowes, Tom, Road from St Joseph's

Fellowes, Tom, Twiction 1

Fellowes, Tom, Twiction 2

Fellowes, Tom, Twiction 3

Ford-Williams, Bethan, Metronome

Ford-Williams, Bethan, Patience

Ford-Williams, Bethan, Shoestrings

Gowers, Amy, In a poppy field

Gray, Jenny, Insect Love

Gripton, Daniel, Ten Swigs

Haigh, Liz, Amongst Soft Socks

Hall, Charlie, Disorder

Hall, Charlie, First

Hall, Charlie, Pyre

Hayes, Kim, The Executioner’s Beautiful Daughter

Hayes, Kim, To the Ghost that will not die

Jones, Benjamin, Breaking Out

Jones, Benjamin, Man on Skyscraper

Jones, Benjamin, This Comic Life

Lee Van Engelenhoven, Mackenzie, Going Away Party

Martin, Susannah, Reduction

McChrystal, John, A Malediction

McChrystal, John, Collection Day

Moriarty, Chris, A Tense Grey Cat

Moss-Connell, Hettie, Untitled

Nichols, Chris, The interminable circle

Nichols, Chris, Space

Redman, William, The Knott

Rintoul, Richard, Following the Rain

Rintoul, Richard, Thylacine

Smith, Adam, Casanova

Stephenson, William, Elegante Welt

Swales, Kira, Slim Jim

Taylor, Sarah, Untitled

Taylor, Sarah, Untitled

Wall, Alan, Mimicry

Wanitzek, Leonie, An Oyster, a Tongue

Wanitzek, Leonie, Cameo

Wanitzek, Leonie, Over Here

Williams, Zoe, Ogwen Ward

Williams, Zoe, Undressing

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