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Carter, Lewis, Reading Aloud for the Class

Carter, Lewis, Koumpounophobia

Carter, Lewis, The Morning After

Cartwright, Gregory, I Remember the Night

Cartwright, Greg, Summer for a Man with No Sense of Smell

Davis, Jen, Welcome to Las Vegas

Durdy, Max, Frozen

Eaton, Ben, In Waves

Eaton, Ben , The sunrise saw

Fairbairn, Jay, How to say I miss you in forty lines or less

Fairbairn, Jay, Snapshot of a Dead Fish

Ford, Siobhan, Cobweb

Foster, Megan, Ess

Gibbons, Francesca, I was a Minotaur

Henderson, Willow, To a Dentist

Henderson, Willow, Lament

Hope, Kathryn, Doppler

Iacovou, Chris, A Seminar Room in Birmingham

Iacovou, Chris, Paths of Grey

Jarram, Kurt, You Know You're In Loughborough

Jones, Oliver, Romulus

Jones, Rhys, An Ode to Cheese

Loosley, Rachel, Chic

Loosley, Rachel, Psychic

McAndrew, Beth, The Personals

McGreary, Ashley, iPod

Miller, Maisie, Incarnate

Miller, Maisie, Daedalus' Daughter

Redman, Will, On Absent People

Redman, Will, Papa's Warning

Redman, Will, This Chestnut

Rintoul, Richard, Oceanic

Rintoul, Richard, The Night Out

Severn, Daniel, Chrysus

Smith, Adam, Haiku

Smith, Adam, Brief Nudity

Stephenson, William, Optical Express

Stephenson, William, Standard Class

Taylor, Laura, No Name I Know

Wheeler, Olivia, Hands

Woodger, Grace, Atlantic

Woodger, Grace, 'Rockall. Malin. Dogger. Finisterre.'

Wright, Alicia, Draft 1 (title needed)

Wright, Alicia, Not Dead


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