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EXODUS 21:24
Claire Preston

Grabbing his arse, I pull him in deeper. Now remember, tighten buttocks, and squeeze that inner core. Tilt head back and make one long sound as I feel him explode inside of me. Pant quickly, slow down gradually. Glide the tops of my fingers down his hot sweaty spine, just enough pressure to leave tracks of my calling card without his knowledge. Staring into his devoted brown eyes, lick lips in an outward motion, finishing with a subtle bite. Praise him, tell him how amazing that was. As he goes for a last nipple lick, giggle, dip chin and tell him how sensitive my vessel has now become. For him, though, my body has never been sensitive.
            I wonder what a real orgasm with a man would feel like. He tells me how much he loves me, but this is not about love. It’s all for the woman who placed the ring on his finger. The ring my admirer removes and hides in his Armani suit pocket every time he undresses before me. The ring that should be mine. The wife he is going to leave. His wife, who made empty promises to me, while we embraced in this very bed. The person who abandoned me, stole all my assets, and left me with nothing. Though today when he leaves, I hope I will be carrying the child she can never have.