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Kaitlyn Emch

Her heart was beating abnormally fast, and her legs pumped adrenaline as she ran. She had no earthly idea what she was running from, but she knew as it got closer and its deafening growls and evil aura surrounded her, she wasn’t keen on finding out. Everything up until this very moment was a blur, as she didn’t know who she was or where she was. All she knew were her instincts to stay alive.
            The dense fog and dewy grass made her escape abnormally difficult as she tried to manoeuvre her way through the unknown territory. She could feel cuts and bruises beginning to form on her flesh from the tree branches whipping her face and the rocks digging into the soles of her feet like knives. The pain, however, barely registered as she saw a clearing ahead. Relief spread through her chest like a tidal wave as she thought that maybe, just maybe, someone would be up ahead willing to help her.
            Her excitement didn’t last long. She got closer and realised it wasn’t a clearing at all, but a cliff. When she looked down, all she could see was the unforgiving ocean and sharp rocks that lined the cliff edge like sharpened teeth of a wolf just waiting for its next meal. The height made her head spin as she knew no one would be able to survive the fall. However, with the sounds of the growling thundering through the forest, she knew that she was choosing how she would inevitably die.
            So, without so much as an ounce of hesitation, she jumped.