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Kaitlyn Emch

There once was an ancient crumbling castle that lay abandoned deep in the forest. The formerly magnificent structure was now reduced to rubble and isolation. Its only inhabitants were the wild creatures that roamed the woods and found solace in the wreckage. Large ropes of green vines ascended the half of a wall that was still standing, giving the grey stones life. Wildflowers sprouted from between shattered stones that in years past held royal balls, encouraging thousands to come dance within their walls. The overgrown bushes would recreate the lively dancing when the wind swept through. When the forest went uncharacteristically silent, one could almost hear the soft lull of a violin and the boisterous laughter that used to grace the halls. The stories, much like the people who resided in the castle, were long gone, giving to nature the only thing they could, echoes of the past.