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Kelly Nuttall

We were like sisters,
inseparable and unbreakable.
But now you don’t even remember that I exist.
We were together all the time,
making memories I thought would last forever.

I used to miss the times when we use to sit
and have deep, meaningful conversations.
But now a simple “hi, how are you?” is too much.
I used to look at our pictures to reminisce the good times,
but now I don’t give them a second thought.

I thought I knew you inside out,
but clearly not.
You turned out to be someone else,
someone narcissistic.
You blinded me with your lies,
took advantage of my kindness,
and turned me against people.

You were my best friend,
my soul sister,
and my secret teller,
but now you’re just someone I used to know.
Someone from my past
and in the past, you shall stay.

I guess I was easily replaceable but that’s ok
because I’ve moved on too.
I’m still the me you used to know just better,
but you don’t care enough to get to know the better me.
I’m happier without you,
better without you.