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MathiRaj Manohara raj

Unfortunately, I did not win the Booker Prize. That made me lose interest in the industry.
            After that, I turned to cooking to get over the pain, the pain of everybody laughing at me, some telling me I have to go out more. I learned to reuse the pans, capture flavours of the dishes. The kitchen flies agree with me. But my roommate doesn’t, she isn’t very supportive of my coping mechanisms.
            The kitchen isn’t smelling exceptionally pleasant when I am cooking counter-top aged meat, but it is still a learning. My roommate still isn’t impressed. I am not liking that.
            I sit on the slimy kitchen floor, next to the oven, forking a piece of roasted thigh. I still have breast meat, neck meat, feet and forearms to cook. I love the taste.
            Sad my roommate has left.